So, you’ve been following the Pro Kabaddi League, right? It’s a big deal in India. If you love watching kabaddi and think of betting on the matches, you’re in the right place. But, be careful! Not all betting sites are good or safe to use. We want to help you stay safe and enjoy your online betting in India. That’s why we’ve made a list of the best betting sites for you. Let’s check them out!

Are Kabaddi Betting Sites Legal in India?

A common query many Indians have is: “Is it legal to wager on Kabaddi betting sites?” Let’s clear the air. While offline gambling faces restrictions in most parts of India, online betting occupies a different space. The laws don’t specifically forbid Indians from using online sites to place wagers. Thus, you can confidently engage in kabaddi betting online without fretting over legal repercussions. Dive in, pick a trustworthy site, and cheer on your chosen Kabaddi team while potentially reaping big rewards.

Criteria for Ranking Top Kabaddi Betting Sites

Kabaddi, a unique sport with its roots traced back to the 1936 Olympics demonstration, is primarily cherished in specific countries, with India standing out as its fervent hub. Many Indian enthusiasts often back their favorite teams through Kabaddi betting sites. But what determines our top picks for these sites? Here’s our methodology:

Depth of Kabaddi Options

Bettors seek a variety of choices. Top sites should feature events like the Pro Kabaddi League, Kabaddi World Cup, Asian Games, and Super Kabaddi League. Beyond just predicting match winners, sought-after markets include 1×2, totals, handicap, and double chance;

Live Streaming Feature

Some sites let you live stream Kabaddi matches, heightening the thrill. Be it tracking Bengal Warriors or placing stakes on the Patna Pirates for the next point, streaming is a boon. However, due to stringent regulations, not all sites provide this feature;

Welcoming Offers & Perks

Bettors always appreciate good promotions. The cream of the crop in our Kabaddi betting site list will have enticing welcome bonuses. For existing users, offerings might span from free bets, and boosted odds, to accumulator insurance;

In-Play Betting

Kabaddi’s dynamic rhythm perfectly fits live betting. In-play favorites cover total tags and the highest raiding points. Yet, there’s the ever-present option of backing the probable victor. As odds shift rapidly, timely bets can often yield handsome gains;

Mobile-Friendly Betting

A lion’s share of Kabaddi wagers now come via mobile devices. Hence, it’s imperative for sites to serve mobile users effectively. The best ones have their own apps compatible with both iOS and Android. For those inclined toward browsers, the mobile experience should be seamless with all Kabaddi-centric options intact.

Top 5 Kabaddi Betting Sites: A Quick Look

Top 5 Kabaddi Betting Sites: A Quick Look

Ready to dive into the world of kabaddi betting? With so many websites out there, picking the right one can be tricky. But don’t worry, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Here’s a sneak peek at the top 5 betting sites that stand out for their trustworthiness, offers, and ease of use. Let’s find the perfect one for you!


Topping our recommendation list is the acclaimed 22Bet. Revered as a prime choice for Kabaddi betting enthusiasts, 22Bet understands the pulse of its Indian audience, catering to their passion for the sport. Here’s a snapshot of what sets 22Bet apart:

  • Comprehensive Kabaddi betting selections cater to every punter’s preference;
  • Swift processes for both withdrawals and deposits, ensuring seamless transactions;
  • Generous welcome bonuses for newcomers, kick-starting their betting journey;
  • Intuitive design across both their website and mobile app for hassle-free navigation.


Securing its spot on our curated list is Betway, a name that resonates not just in India but across the global betting landscape. Recognized as a powerhouse for Kabaddi betting in India, Betway boasts an expansive sportsbook coupled with numerous Kabaddi-centric betting features. Here’s a glimpse into what makes Betway special:

  • Premium Kabaddi betting odds, ensuring top value for punters;
  • An extensive assortment of sports for diverse betting enthusiasts;
  • Attractive bonuses tailored for Kabaddi betting aficionados;
  • A seamlessly navigable interface makes the user experience enjoyable.


Securing its position in our esteemed list is Parimatch, revered for its user-centric betting site. Esteemed among the top-notch Kabaddi betting sites for Indian enthusiasts, Parimatch champions simplicity. Accommodating diverse payment methods ensures hassle-free transactions for its users. Here’s a breakdown of its standout attributes:

  • Boasts an impressive sportsbook, catering to a wide range of preferences;
  • Accommodates an extensive array of payment modes, streamlining user transactions;
  • Features live streaming capabilities for select matches, enhancing user engagement;
  • Presents an abundant array of Kabaddi betting variations, satiating every punter’s appetite.


Making waves in the Indian Kabaddi betting realm is 1XBet, a site that has seamlessly catered to the fervor surrounding various Kabaddi events. Its vast assortment of Kabaddi options stands testament to its commitment to the sport. Infused with innovative features rare to find elsewhere, the bookmaker is not just efficient but also user-centric. With a tempting welcome bonus to boot, 1XBet surely piques interest. Highlighting its core attributes:

  • Offers a rich array of Kabaddi betting odds for discerning punters;
  • The Live Kabaddi betting feature enhances real-time engagement;
  • Seamless deposit and withdrawal mechanisms outpace many competitors;
  • A streamlined, user-friendly interface ensures effortless navigation..


While 10Cric has long been recognized as a cricket-betting stronghold, it’s fast emerging as a hub for Kabaddi enthusiasts too. Responding to Kabaddi’s rising online betting stardom in India, 10Cric has broadened its spectrum, featuring a slew of Kabaddi events for users to stake their bets. Their attractive welcome bonus for newcomers and exclusive promotions tailored for the Pro Kabaddi League further elevate their standing. Below are some standout features that make 10Cric a top pick:

  • Exceptionally competitive Kabaddi betting odds;
  • Generous welcome bonus beckoning new entrants;
  • The seamless functioning of their dedicated betting app enhances the experience;
  • Dive deeper with a comprehensive review.

How To Start Kabaddi Betting 

Eager to begin your Kabaddi betting experience? Navigating online betting can be a bit overwhelming at first, but don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started on the right foot:

  • Visit the Website: Head over to the official betting website you’ve chosen. If you’re more comfortable with an app, most top sites offer one. Simply download it from the official website;
  • Sign Up: Register on the betting site. You’ll need to fill out some basic information. Ensure you provide accurate details to avoid any registration hiccups;
  • Make a Deposit: Once you’re all set with your account, you’ll need to add funds. Top betting sites offer various payment methods for your convenience. Deposit the minimum amount required or more, depending on your preference;
  • Explore and Bet: Now for the exciting part! Navigate through the website to find Kabaddi or any other sport you’re interested in. Before placing a bet, always check the odds. High odds can be tempting, but remember to bet wisely.

Popular Kabaddi Betting Options

Kabaddi enthusiasts aren’t just limited to picking match winners. The array of choices at Kabaddi betting sites has expanded significantly. Here’s a breakdown of some favored betting options in Kabaddi:

  • Match Winner Simply, you’re selecting which team emerges victorious in a particular match. If you bet on Telugu Titans defeating Bengaluru Bulls, your bet rests on the final outcome of that game;
  • Totals Some sites let you wager on the cumulative points scored in a Kabaddi match. An example would be placing stakes on a total score exceeding 80.5 points during a Dabang Delhi vs. U Mumba match;
  • Top Raider The raider’s primary role is to strike. If you’re well-versed in Kabaddi dynamics, predicting the player racking up the most points in raiding becomes an enticing option;
  • Top Tackler On the flip side, betting enthusiasts can also place their bets on the standout defender of the match. Recognizing and backing the best tackler can be rewarding for those who understand Kabaddi’s defensive nuances;
  • Double Chance This option is a safety net, allowing bettors to bet on two possible outcomes simultaneously. For instance, you could bet on either a Bengal Warriors victory or a draw, or a Bengal Warriors win or a Haryana Steelers win;
  • Handicap Often, bookies assign handicaps to level the playing field. Favorites might start with a point deficit, while underdogs begin with an advantage. Consider a scenario where you bet on Dabang Delhi with a handicap of -4.5. For a winning bet, they need to clinch the game by a margin of 5 points or more.

The Real-Time Thrill

The variety of live betting is truly captivating, especially when it’s about a sport as dynamic as Kabaddi. While real-time wagering has always been popular in sports like soccer, cricket, and basketball, Kabaddi enthusiasts are increasingly getting drawn to the thrill of in-play betting.

For those deeply acquainted with the nuances of Kabaddi, live betting can offer superior value. Placing bets on matches in progress introduces a multitude of fresh wagering options. Plus, the adrenaline rush that comes from such instant decisions is unparalleled.

Having a live view of the game puts you in an advantageous position for in-play betting. Imagine the Bengal Warriors falling behind early in their match against the Telugu Titans. Observing the gameplay could prompt you to back the Warriors for an anticipated comeback. Notably, all our top picks in bookies feature these dynamic live Kabaddi betting markets.

Premier Leagues and Tournaments

Kabaddi Premier Leagues and Tournaments

Kabaddi, a sport deeply rooted in tradition, has evolved with prestigious events taking center stage both domestically and internationally. Here’s a rundown of the most celebrated Kabaddi events:

  • VIVO Pro Kabaddi League Inspired by the rousing success of the Indian Premier League in cricket, the VIVO Pro Kabaddi League sprouted in 2014. It quickly became an Asian sensation, with teams like Patna Pirates clinching a record three championships. Yet, 2019 saw the Bengal Warriors seize the title. At season’s end, the top six contenders battle it out in the playoffs;
  • Kabaddi World Cup Initiated in 2004, this world competition has mostly seen India as its champions, with Captain Ajay Thakur leading the charge. However, in a twist, Pakistan grabbed the title in 2020. The competition, featuring 12 nations like Bangladesh, South Korea, and Thailand, runs a round-robin phase that filters teams for the semi-finals;
  • Asian Games Making its debut in 1990, Kabaddi became a prized sport in the Asian Games. India’s dominance was unparalleled, maintaining an unbeaten streak till 2014. However, the tables turned in 2018 when Iran snatched both the men’s and women’s crowns;
  • Super Kabaddi League Pakistan’s premier Kabaddi championship, the Super League, came into being in 2018. Comprising 10 formidable teams, the inaugural draft showcased over 100 players. With the Gujrat Warriors reigning as the current victors, the league showcases gripping group matches, eliminators, and nail-biting playoffs.

5 Key Kabaddi Betting Tips to Follow

Venturing into Kabaddi betting? While there’s no surefire formula for success, adhering to these fundamental guidelines can enhance your chances:

Master the Basics

If you’re a Kabaddi rookie, familiarize yourself with its rules before venturing into betting. This ensures you don’t face any surprises or misconceptions, and it sets the foundation for precise forecasts;

Stay Updated

Stay in the loop with the latest on the teams you’re wagering on. If a top team is playing without their star raider, it can significantly tilt the game’s outcome. Multiple online sources offer the latest Kabaddi insights;

Witness the Thrill

Nothing beats the experience of watching Kabaddi matches live. This not only intensifies the thrill but also sharpens insights for those placing real-time bets. Observing live allows bettors to gauge the momentum of the game;

Explore In-Play Options

Real-time betting markets often present enhanced odds. Those well-versed in Kabaddi can benefit immensely from these dynamic markets. However, patience is key; wait for the opportune moment to stake your bet;

Gamble Sensibly

Betting should primarily be a source of entertainment. Define your limits and adhere to them. Never bet beyond your capacity, steer clear from chasing losses, and prioritize enjoyment over ambition.