The rise in online betting sites isn’t just about the growing numbers; it’s also about the expanding list of payment methods available. As the world of online gaming evolves, so do the options to pay and play.

India, with its booming online betting, naturally attracts numerous casinos eager to cater to its vast player base. So, what are Indian players using to deposit their money? A quick glance reveals popular choices like UPI, Phone Pe, Skrill, and trusty credit and debit cards.

In our quest to serve you better, we’ve dived deep to bring you not just the popular deposit methods for Indian gamblers, but also some top-notch casinos where you can use these methods. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

Is Your Money Secure on Sports Betting Sites?

Absolutely. The digital realm of sports betting prioritizes your security. How?

  • Advanced Digital Safety: Online betting sites are fortified with encryption technologies, mirroring the robust security measures employed by online banking systems;
  • Trust-Building: Establishing trust with punters is paramount for these sites. Hence, hefty investments are made in online security apparatus;
  • Licensing & Regulations: All the methods we endorse have been sanctioned by the respective gambling authorities of their base country. Abiding by stringent rules is imperative to both acquire and retain these licenses;
  • Annual Security Audits: Renowned regulatory bodies, such as the UK Gambling Commission which licenses giants like Bet365, undertake annual inspections of these sites. Should any site’s security mechanism flounder, its license is promptly revoked, prohibiting any further betting activities.

Bank Account Deposit Methods

Bank Account Deposit Methods

Looking to fund your gaming account? Consider the following option.

UPI (Unified Payments Interface)

UPI is a revolutionary payment method that brings together all your bank accounts in a single mobile app.

Why choose UPI for deposits?

  • Swift Transactions: Get your account funded in no time;
  • Cost-effective: No additional charges on transactions;
  • One App, Multiple Banks: Manage various bank accounts through just one app;
  • Always On: Accessible anytime, any day of the year;
  • Lesser Hassle: Forget about entering ATM card numbers, account numbers, or IFSC codes.

Phone Pe

Phone Pe operates as a digital wallet, utilizing the UPI framework. With Phone Pe, setting up is as simple as inputting your banking details and crafting a UPI ID.

Benefits of using Phone Pe for deposits:

  • Immediate Transactions: Funds transfer in a flash;
  • Zero Fees: Deposit without any extra costs;
  • Flexibility in Amount: No limits, whether you’re depositing big or small.


NetBanking, often referred to as online or internet banking, offers a digital avenue to handle multiple transactions, anytime and anywhere. As it’s directly connected to your bank account, transferring money becomes a breeze.

Why choose NetBanking for your deposits?

  • Prompt Transactions: Say goodbye to waiting times with immediate transfers;
  • Absolutely Free: Enjoy deposits without any hidden charges;
  • Deposit Freedom: Whether it’s a modest amount or a hefty sum, there’s no cap on your deposits.


VISA cards, facilitated through the VISA network, are globally recognized payment tools. With affiliations to numerous banks, VISA cards showcase features like a 16-digit account number, a magnetic strip, and a built-in microchip. They come in diverse forms: from debit and credit cards to gift and prepaid options.

Perks of funding with a VISA card:

  • Immediate Transactions: Get your funds transferred without a wait;
  • Zero Fees: Deposit without incurring additional charges;
  • Flexibility in Deposits: No restrictions on the minimum deposit amount.

Please Note:

The maximum deposit limit using a VISA card stands at approximately Rs. 35 lakhs.


Mastercard, akin to VISA, stands as a prominent global payment network. Banks and credit unions often furnish their patrons with Mastercards for seamless transactions.

Benefits of using Mastercard for deposits:

  • Rapid Transactions: No lag, your funds transfer instantly;
  • Cost-free: Enjoy deposits without any extra fees;
  • Unrestricted Initial Deposits: You decide how little or much you wish to deposit.

Kindly Note:

A cap of approximately Rs. 35 lakhs is set for deposits via Mastercard.

Google Pay

Google Pay, crafted by Google, is a modern-day digital wallet and payment gateway. It operates as a mobile application, closely tied to the user’s bank details.

Why use Google Pay for deposits?

  • Speedy Transactions: Experience real-time fund transfers;
  • No Additional Costs: Deposit without incurring extra fees;
  • Flexible Deposit Range: Whether a small or large amount, there are no deposit limits.

Depositing Without a Bank Account

Depositing Without a Bank Account

You don’t have a bank account? No worries. There are still options to fund your gaming spree.


Favoured by many in India, Paytm is a versatile digital wallet available in 11 regional languages.

Reasons to opt for Paytm deposits:

  • Swift Fund Transfer: Your money moves instantly;
  • Zero Fees: Enjoy the privilege of deposit-free transactions;
  • Start Small: No barriers on the minimum deposit amount.

Keep in Mind:

There’s a ceiling of Rs. 5,000 for deposits via Paytm.

AstroPay Card

AstroPay Card stands out as a globally favored pre-paid virtual card. It’s a hit among many, especially with most gaming sites marking it as a preferred payment mode.

Benefits of funding with AstroPay Card:

  • Instantaneous Transactions: Your funds move at lightning speed;
  • Absolutely Free: No additional costs for deposits;
  • No Lower Limit: Deposit as per your preference, without any base restrictions.

Heads Up:

Using AstroPay Card comes with an upper limit of around Rs. 70,000 for deposits.


Cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin being a notable example, represents the new age of digital currency. Unlike traditional systems governed by centralized entities, this uses a decentralized approach, relying on cryptography to validate and record transactions.

Perks of choosing Cryptocurrency for deposits:

  • Flash Transactions: Experience immediate fund transfers;
  • Zero Costs: Make deposits without facing any additional charges;
  • Complete Flexibility: There’s absolute freedom, with no caps on the deposit amounts, be it minimum or maximum.


Skrill steps into the digital arena as an online payment handler, reminiscent of PayPal. It serves as a virtual wallet, streamlining online payments, transfers, and even holding funds.

Reasons to opt for Skrill deposits:

  • Rapid Transactions: Funds reflect immediately;
  • Flexibility: No limitations on the least deposit amount;

Points to Remember:

While depositing with Skrill, a charge of 1.35% applies. Additionally, there’s an upper limit of approximately Rs. 25 lakhs for deposits.


Neteller, akin to Skrill, positions itself as a dependable digital fund transfer service. As an e-wallet, it simplifies the way you manage and transact money online.

Benefits of using Neteller for deposits:

  • Immediate Fund Movement: Transfers are instant;
  • Unlimited Starts: No constraints on the least deposit amount;

Be Informed:

Making a deposit via Neteller involves a 1.35% fee. Moreover, deposits have a ceiling set at around Rs. 25 lakhs.

Depositing Funds on 1xBet

Ready to fund your 1xBet account in India? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Navigate to the ‘payments’ section;
  2. For existing players, hit the “Replenish” option;
  3. From the available payment methods, pick your preferred one;
  4. Once you’ve selected it, you’ll be directed to a new page. Adhere to the guidelines mentioned;
  5. Input the sum you’re keen to deposit;
  6. Seal the deal by confirming your payment.

Indian players on 1xBet can choose from a variety of payment avenues: Netbanking, VISA card, Mastercard, Skrill, and Neteller.

Depositing Funds on Betway

Planning to boost your Betway balance in India? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Head over to the Betway website;
  2. Locate and select the Betway ‘banking’ option;
  3. Browse through and pick your desired payment method from the list;
  4. Fill in the necessary personal details;
  5. Key in the amount you intend to deposit;
  6. Round off by hitting the ‘confirm’ button.

For deposits, Betway offers Indian players an array of options: Bank Transfers, VISA cards, MasterCard, Paysafe cards, Skrill, Neteller, and Paytm.

Depositing Funds on Bet365

Thinking of funding your Bet365 account in India? Here’s your roadmap:

  1. After logging in, navigate to the ‘deposit’ area via the account menu;
  2. Scroll through and select the payment method that suits your preference;
  3. Key in the deposit amount you have in mind;
  4. Progress through the payment steps as directed on the chosen payment provider’s interface.

Bet365 caters to its Indian clientele with an expansive set of depositing options, encompassing UPI, PhonePe, Netbanking, VISA, and several others.

Are Welcome Bonuses Up for Grabs?

Absolutely! When you venture into a new betting portal, regardless of your chosen payment gateway, you’re often greeted with a welcome bonus. Here’s how it typically works:

  • Enrollment & Eligibility: Once you register and either place your first bet or add funds, you’re on track to secure that enticing welcome bonus;
  • The Nature of the Bonus: Welcome bonuses can take the shape of complimentary bets or additional funds. Each bonus, however, is tethered to its unique set of rules and specifications;
  • Bonus in Action: Imagine this as a gesture from the betting site – an offer of bonus funds or a free wager, simply for meeting certain prerequisites like making an initial deposit;
  • Usage Criteria: While this bonus acts as a nudge to explore the betting terrain, it does come with strings attached. For instance, your bets might be confined to cricket matches or may need to surpass specified odds, say 2.00.