Online gambling in India has seen a paradigm shift, with a marked tilt towards betting apps. It’s clear that Indians are leaning more towards placing wagers through mobile apps than traditional websites. Many now see betting apps as the next big thing in online wagering. They are indeed shaping the future landscape of online stakes in India.

Considering the rising trend, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide. Whether you’re searching for top-notch betting apps or a newbie trying to figure out your first wager slip, we’ve got you covered. Dive in, and discover all you need to master the world of betting apps in India!


The use of betting apps in India often raises eyebrows. So, is it legal to use them? Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  • Historical Legislation: The cornerstone for all gambling activities in India is the Public Gambling Act of 1867. Notably: this age-old legislation doesn’t explicitly mention or ban betting apps. Therefore, employing betting apps in India isn’t against this law;
  • State Discretion: The power to determine the legality of betting apps mainly lies with individual state governments. Only a handful have chosen to prohibit them, leaving the majority of states where such apps are legal;
  • Currency Considerations: All betting apps showcased on Irondog Studio India accept Indian rupees. By doing so, these apps avoid contravening the rules set by the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).

Are betting Apps the Right Choice For You?

Are betting Apps the Right Choice For You?

Before diving deep into betting apps, it’s pivotal to discern if they align with your betting preferences. Choosing between betting apps and mobile betting sites can be a daunting decision. Let’s dissect their core differences to help you make an informed choice.

Betting Apps:

  • Need to be downloaded and installed on your device;
  • Consume some storage space on your mobile;
  • Offer a compact, streamlined interface;
  • Features include biometric login, shortcuts, and instant notifications.

Mobile Betting:

  • Accessed via your mobile browser;
  • Consumes more data as you navigate;
  • Often boasts a wider array of betting features;
  • No need to download or update.

Still muddled? Here’s a deeper look:

  • Betting Apps: Once installed, they free you from the constraints of accessing browsers. With a few taps, you’re in. They’re crafted to provide a smoother, more intuitive experience. Features like biometric logins make access quick, while push notifications keep you in the loop;
  • However, there might be instances when certain functionalities, like making deposits, redirect you to mobile websites. It’s essential to check if the app is feature-rich or if it misses out on some crucial betting elements;
  • Mobile Betting Sites: These are more feature-packed, but the trade-off is they’re often less user-friendly. On the brighter side, there’s no need to worry about app updates or storage space. Yet, they might demand a stronger internet connection to deliver seamlessly.

India’s Top Betting Apps

At last, the moment you’ve been eagerly anticipating – a comprehensive rundown of the finest betting apps India has to offer. Dive in as we spotlight the top 5 betting apps that are taking the country by storm!


In the vibrant world of betting apps, Betway stands tall, offering an unmatched combination of features and user experience. Let’s delve into what makes Betway the go-to choice for countless bettors across India.

Highlights of the Betway App:

  • Expansive Sportsbook: From cricket to football, it’s a haven for sports enthusiasts;
  • Sleek & User-friendly Design: Navigate with ease, thanks to its intuitive layout;
  • Casino Delights: Experience both online and live casino thrills;
  • Swift Transactions: Hassle-free deposits and withdrawals make for a seamless betting experience;
  • Warm Welcome: A generous Welcome Bonus coupled with exciting promotions awaits you;
  • Speedy Access: Log in with just a touch, thanks to the fingerprint feature;
  • Stay Updated: Real-time notifications ensure you never miss a beat;
  • Live Betting & More: Engage in thrilling live bets and enjoy the cashout feature.


While the world of cricket betting apps is bustling with contenders, Parimatch distinctly carves a niche for itself. Though a relatively new entrant in the betting arena, it has swiftly risen to prominence, offering an unparalleled cricket wagering experience.

During pinnacle cricketing events like the IPL, the Parimatch app comes alive, presenting its users with a smorgasbord of enticing offers and bonuses. Its expansive range of cricket-centric stakes ensures every cricket aficionado feels at home.

Here’s a snapshot of what Parimatch brings to the table:

  • Superior Cricket Betting Odds: Get competitive rates for your wagers;
  • Exclusive Cricket Promotions: Dive into an array of special cricket-related offers;
  • Broad Betting Spectrum: A variety of betting choices to cater to every preference;
  • Robust Live Betting Site: Engage in real-time stakes for an immersive experience;
  • Hearty Welcome Offer: Kickstart your betting journey with a generous bonus;
  • Effortless Transactions: Multiple convenient payment avenues for easy deposits and withdrawals;
  • Top-Tier Online Casino: Elevate your betting escapade with an exquisite casino experience.


For those whose hearts beat for football, 22Bet emerges as a standout. Renowned for its diverse football betting avenues, the 22Bet app ensures enthusiasts find choices from every corner of the globe, paired with attractive odds.

Whether your allegiance lies with European clubs or you’re cheering for Indian football teams, 22Bet is the place to bring your betting passion alive.

Dive into the vast offerings of 22Bet:

  • Unbeatable Football Odds: Get the best value for your football wagers;
  • Diverse Sporting & Casino Avenues: Beyond football, indulge in various sports and an expansive online casino;
  • Seasonal Football Bonuses: Enjoy special promos during prime football seasons, enhancing your betting journey;
  • State-of-the-Art Live Betting: Dive into the action with a dynamic live betting site;
  • Streamlined App Design: Navigate effortlessly with a user-centric interface;
  • Hassle-free Transactions: Choose from a range of convenient payment methods.


When maximizing returns from your wagers, the odds you’re offered play a pivotal role. An app that consistently presents superior odds can significantly influence your betting success. Enter 1xBet, the app renowned for always dishing out some of the best odds in the market.

But the merits of 1xBet aren’t confined to just its stellar odds. Delve into the variety of features the app brings to the table:

  • Vast Sportsbook: Among the most extensive offerings in the betting app domain;
  • Leading Odds: Consistently outperforming many competitors with more favorable odds;
  • Casino Extravaganza: An impressive range of casino games to cater to every punter’s taste;
  • Varied Deposit Avenues: With over 50 deposit methods, flexibility is at its pinnacle;
  • Live Event Streaming: Enjoy complimentary live streams for a variety of events;
  • Engaging Promos: Regularly updated offers and promotions to keep the excitement alive;
  • Robust Live Betting: The live betting feature is further enriched with a multi-live betting option.


When it comes to the convergence of betting and live streaming, few apps can rival the prowess of Bet365. Users often crave real-time streaming to accompany their wagers, and while numerous apps might provide this service, not all ensure top-tier streaming quality.

Bet365, a stalwart in the betting industry, brings to the table not just live streaming but does so with unmatched clarity and reliability. Let’s delve deeper into the other perks the Bet365 app graciously provides its users:

  • Comprehensive Sportsbook & Casino: A vast array of betting options and a captivating online casino experience;
  • Optimized User Experience: Navigate with ease, thanks to its user-centric design;
  • Dynamic Live Betting: Engage with games in real time for an immersive betting experience;
  • Unrestricted Live Streaming: All users with a deposit can relish high-quality, free live streaming;
  • Event-centric Promotions: Regular bonuses and offers tailored for ongoing events and seasons;
  • Swift Transactions: Making deposits and processing withdrawals has never been smoother;
  • Global Acclaim: Recognized and celebrated as one of the most favored betting apps worldwide.

Basics of Betting Apps

Basics of Betting Apps

Having introduced you to the best betting apps in the Indian market, it’s time to pivot to the more practical side of things – understanding how to actually use them. In the sections that follow, we will walk you through each phase of your betting app journey.

From the initial download and installation to the euphoria of withdrawing your winnings, our definitive guide ensures that you transition from a novice to a maestro in the realm of mobile betting.

Step 1: Picking the Right Betting App 

The gateway to your mobile betting adventure is, of course, choosing the right app. Given the lots of options available, it’s crucial to pick one that resonates with your preferences. To refresh your memory, let’s revisit the top 10 betting apps we’ve discussed, assisting you in narrowing down your choices.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Betting App

Having chosen your preferred betting app, the journey to the heart of mobile betting begins with downloading and installing the app. It’s crucial to note that the installation procedure varies based on the smartphone you possess – be it an Android or an iOS device.

To ensure a smooth experience, we’ve broken down the steps for both Android and iOS users.

For Android Users:

  • Navigate to the website of the betting provider you’ve selected;
  • Seek out the .apk file for the betting app to initiate the download;
  • Upon downloading the .apk file, venture into your mobile settings. Here, enable app installations from “unknown sources”;
  • Proceed by tapping on the downloaded .apk file, which will set the installation process in motion;
  • Once done, the betting app will nestle itself on your device, ready to offer a lot of betting delights!

For iOS Users: 

  • Head over to the betting bookmaker’s official website;
  • Scout for the iOS app download link;
  • Once located, tap to download the iOS app file;
  • Upon completion, simply tap to open the downloaded file;
  • Your Apple device will take over from here, automating the installation process.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Account on the Betting App

For those yet to sign up on the betting app, this step is vital. Establishing a new betting account is straightforward, irrespective of whether you opt to do it via the betting website or directly on the app. Here’s your step-by-step guide to get started:

  • Launch the chosen betting app or its corresponding website;
  • Navigate to the main dashboard, and hunt for the “Register” or “Sign Up” tab;
  • Upon clicking, a registration form will appear, prompting you to fill in personal details like your full name, residential address, contact number, date of birth, and so on;
  • After you’ve entered all the requisite details, it’s time to choose the Welcome Bonus that appeals most to you;
  • Conclude the process by hitting the “Register” button, and voila, your account is set!

Step 4: Funding Your Betting App Account

Having set up your account on the desired betting app, the next course of action is to infuse some funds into it. Without adequate funds, your betting journey remains stagnant.

Those still tethered to traditional methods can comfortably use debit or credit cards. For seasoned gamers, the territory gets familiar with payment platforms like Skrill, Neteller, and an array of cryptocurrencies to boot.

  • UPI: The omnipresent payment platform in India;
  • Indian Netbanking: For seamless bank transfers;
  • Google Pay: For quick and easy payments;
  • PhonePe & Paytm: The leading digital wallets in India;
  • VISA & Mastercard: The universal debit and credit card options;
  • Skrill & Neteller: Preferred e-wallets for seasoned bettors;
  • AstroPay & Jeton: Other e-wallet alternatives;
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more for the crypto-enthusiasts.

Step 5: Making Your Move on the Betting App

Now that your betting account boasts of funds, you’re all set to kick off your betting spree. For those setting sail on this betting journey for the first time, don’t fret. Follow the straightforward steps ahead to master the art of creating a bet slip and placing that exhilarating first bet.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to placing a bet via the app:

  • Launch your chosen betting app, for instance, Betwinner;
  • Navigate to the primary menu and pinpoint the sport catching your fancy;
  • Drill down to your desired event or match;
  • Handpick the odds corresponding to your supported team;
  • Your chosen odds take their place on the bet slip, usually accessible via the app’s main menu;
  • Within the bet slip, declare the sum you’re wagering;
  • Conclude by tapping the “Bet” icon.

Step 6: Cashing Out from the Betting App

Congratulations on your win! Now comes the pivotal question: How to get your hands on your winnings?

Withdrawing from most esteemed betting apps is a breeze. Here’s how you go about it:

  • Navigate to your “Profile” or “Account” on the app;
  • Look for and select the “Withdraw” or “Cash Out” option;
  • A lot of withdrawal avenues will present themselves, tailored to the app you’ve entrusted with your bets.

A common practice with many betting apps is to channel withdrawals through the same method employed for deposits. This not only ensures security but also enhances the withdrawal experience for users.

Upon initiating your cash-out request, patience is vital. Your winnings typically find their way to you within 3-5 working days, depending on the processing speed of the transaction.