The Indian Premier League (IPL) stands unparalleled as a cricketing spectacle, drawing fervor not just within India’s borders but globally. With its rich tapestry of talent, glamour, and riveting matches, it’s no surprise that the IPL has transcended the boundaries of a typical sporting event. This year, the league’s panorama becomes even more intriguing as it welcomes two new city-based teams, taking the tally to 10 dynamic squads.

Given the IPL’s immense stature, it has naturally emerged as a hotspot for betting aficionados. Numerous Indian betting sites compete to offer the best odds, lucrative bonuses, and enticing promotional deals, particularly during the IPL season.

Are you new to the world of IPL betting? Or perhaps you’re seeking to refine your strategy and explore the best bookmakers for your wagers? Look no further. This IPL betting guide is crafted to walk you through the nuances of the game. We’ll delve into the event’s significance, and the betting dynamics surrounding it, and provide a curated list of premier betting sites in India, ensuring you have an enriching and seamless IPL betting experience.

About the IPL

The IPL, established in 2008, is now the world’s leading cricket event. It uses the thrilling T20 format, ensuring games are quick and high-scoring, which captivates massive audiences. Mumbai Indians, claiming their fifth victory in 2020 against Delhi Capitals, are the reigning champions.

Every IPL season witnesses a contest between eight teams. They face each other twice in a structured league system. At the season’s end, the top-ranking teams engage in qualifiers. The first and second-ranked teams face off, while the third and fourth compete separately. The first qualifier’s victor secures a spot in the grand finale. However, the losing side gets another chance by playing against the winner of the third and fourth-ranked face-off. The team triumphant in this eliminator challenge progresses to the IPL final.

When it comes to team formation, each side gets a stipulated budget for player retention and acquisition during auctions. Teams consist of 18-25 members, including a cap of 8 overseas players. Typically, the maximum budget is 85 crores, and squads must utilize at least 75% of it. The first portion goes to retain the previous year’s players. The remainder is used during the auction. Overseas participants can determine their starting price, whereas the BCCI collaborates with local talents for theirs. Note, the 2021 IPL player auction is slated for February 18th.

Planning to place a wager on the IPL? Remember these details to make informed decisions and enjoy the game!

Understanding IPL Rules

Understanding IPL Rules

The IPL is distinct from other cricket formats like Test or ODI, primarily due to its duration. In IPL’s T20 cricket, teams bat only once, making it two innings in total. Each side has a limit of 20 overs for batting. This concise format is pivotal for enthusiasts and those wishing to wager on IPL matches.

Fielding restrictions are inherent to various cricket formats, and the IPL is no exception. However, it’s the T20 format’s particular regulations that set it apart. For instance, in IPL, a bowler can deliver a maximum of just four overs in a single innings. This mandates a balanced rotation among the bowling lineup. Punters should be wary of this, especially when considering bets on prominent bowlers and their wicket-taking abilities.

The IPL introduces an intriguing twist in the event of a tie – the “Super Over”. In this situation, both teams play an additional over each to determine the winner. It’s a thrilling finish that can be a game-changer for betting enthusiasts.

A Step-by-Step Guide to IPL Betting

So, you’ve set up your IPL betting account and have your welcome bonus in hand. Eager to dive into cricket betting? Here’s how:

  • Logging In: Begin by accessing your account on renowned sites such as Betway or Bet365;
  • Navigating to Cricket: Look for the cricket segment on the site;
  • Finding IPL: Some bookmakers categorize IPL separately. If so, head directly to the IPL division. Here, a lineup of matches ready for wagers will greet you;
  • Selection Time: From the available matches, select the one you fancy betting on. A variety of betting options for that particular match will then appear;
  • Choosing Your Bet: Decide on your preferred bet type. Following this, set the amount you wish to stake;
  • Sealing the Deal: To finalize, hit the ‘Place bet’ button. And voilà! You’ve successfully placed a bet on an IPL match. Happy betting!

IPL Betting Markets

The IPL is not just about the excitement on the field; its diverse betting markets add an extra layer of thrill for punters. With live betting covering over 90% of all IPL wagers, there’s a lot of options to explore both before and during matches:

  • Match Winner: Predict the triumphant team. Favorites often have shorter odds;
  • Top Batsman: Wager on the player hitting the highest runs;
  • Top Bowler: Decide which bowler will claim the most wickets;
  • Total Runs: With a set benchmark by bookies, predict if actual runs will be above or below it;
  • Total Fours/Sixes: Estimate the total fours and sixes in a game based on a set benchmark;
  • Total Wickets: Wager on the total wickets taken in a match against a given over/under;
  • Total Ducks: Anticipate the number of players bowled out without making a run;
  • Total Maidens: Guess the count of overs with no runs;
  • First Ball of the Match: A favorite among many, bet on the very first ball’s outcome;
  • Player Performance: Various players will be listed with over/under odds on their performance, both in batting and bowling;
  • Fifty or Century Scored?: Predict if any player will hit either 50 or 100 runs;
  • Race to X Runs: Bet on which team reaches a specific run count quickest, considering balls faced;
  • Score After X Over(s): Bookies might set milestones like five or 10 overs. Predict the higher scorer at that point;
  • Highest Opening Partnership: Wager on the opening pair accumulating the most runs;
  • Method of First Dismissal: Choose the first wicket’s manner – bowled, caught, LBW, etc;
  • Method of Next Dismissal: Perfect for live bettors; forecast the subsequent wicket’s nature;
  • Next Ball Outcome: A challenging yet exciting bet predicting the immediate next ball’s result;
  • Next Over Outcome: Guess results like runs, wickets, and outcomes for the succeeding over;
  • Coin Toss: Initiate your betting session by predicting the toss winner and their choice: batting or bowling.

IPL Futures Bets

Beyond the typical match-by-match wagers, IPL offers a lot of futures bets, letting you predict season outcomes and champion players. Delve into these diversified options:

  • Outright Winner: Lay your bets on the anticipated victor;
  • Group Betting: Wager on the standing of teams during the league’s progression;
  • Reach Semi-Final: Predict the four squads making it to the semi-finals;
  • Orange Cap Winner: This accolade is for the season’s highest run-scorer. Who’s your pick;
  • Purple Cap Winner: Anticipate the bowler pocketing the most wickets and securing the Purple Cap;
  • MVP (Most Valuable Player): Identify the cricketer you believe will shine brightest. Typically, top-tier batsmen or bowlers are safe bets here;
  • Most Sixes: Guess the player who’ll smash the most sixes throughout the season. This prediction can be made both pre-season and as the IPL 2021 unfolds;
  • Emerging Player of the Year: This recognition is reserved for players 23 or younger;
  • Place your bets on the young gun you foresee making headlines.

Guidelines for IPL Betting Site Selection

IPL aficionados typically rely on certain online sportsbooks for their wagering activities. Here’s what we prioritize when discerning the best in the business. Essential Features for IPL Betting Sites:

  • Variety in Betting: Extensive IPL betting lines, odds, and wagering types;
  • Bonuses & Incentives: Enticing promotions and special offers;
  • User Experience: Seamless and intuitive navigation, whether on mobile or desktop;
  • Payment Flexibility: Diverse options for both deposits and withdrawals;
  • Safety First: Ensured security and confidentiality;
  • Responsive Support: Efficient customer assistance round the clock;
  • Global Accessibility: Multilingual and multi-currency support for international punters.

Deeper Insights

  • Odds and Lines: The IPL, being a premier cricketing event, offers invigorating betting odds. While renowned markets generally offer better odds, the niche ones may hold better betting potential despite higher house edges;
  • Special Bonuses: Scout for bookmakers providing exclusive IPL bonuses. From accumulator boosts to bet boosters and more, there’s much on offer during the IPL season;
  • Seamless Interface: A clutter-free, responsive interface, both as a website and mobile application, is a mark of the best sports sites. Today, with most apps available across Apple and Android, device compatibility is rarely an issue;
  • Financial Transactions: Multiple, convenient payment methods, from credit cards and e-wallets to cryptocurrencies and bank transfers, are a must. Prompt withdrawals without absurd limits indicate a financially healthy bookmaker;
  • Trustworthiness: It’s crucial to align with legitimate bookmakers that promise swift payouts and provide unhindered access to your funds;
  • Customer Assistance: Apart from an FAQ section, top-tier sites offer various ways to reach their support team, including email, phone, and live chat. Their commitment to resolving queries promptly is often a testament to their overall quality;
  • Global Reach: Premier IPL betting sites cater to an international clientele, reflected in their multilingual and multi-currency offerings.

Understanding Betting Formats

Navigating the intricate world of betting might seem challenging, but knowing the common formats can pave the way for a thrilling experience. Here’s a deep dive into some popular betting strategies:

  • Handicap Betting:
    • What is it? Handicap betting levels the playing field when there’s a clear favorite in a match;
    • How does it work? Let’s say Team A is a powerhouse while Team B is the underdog. To make the bet enticing, betting sites may introduce a handicap on Team A, say, -10 runs. If you bet on Team A, they need to win by more than that handicap for you to win the bet. This strategy spices up straightforward matches, making predictions both challenging and engaging.
  • In-Play Betting:
    • What is it? Often referred to as live betting, in-play betting lets enthusiasts place bets in real-time, as the match unfolds;
    • Why it’s unique? Only a few bookmakers offer this dynamic feature. It lets punters react to live match events, such as toss results or recent wickets. It’s as real-time and thrilling as betting gets!
  • Over/Under Betting:
    • What is it? A betting site sets a benchmark number for specific match elements. Punters predict whether the actual number in the match will exceed (over) or fall short (under) of this benchmark;
    • How does it work? For instance, if a bookmaker sets an over/under of 250 runs for a match, and you bet “over”, you win if the total runs scored exceed 250.
  • Value Betting:
    • What is it? This strategy focuses on capitalizing on overpriced odds. It’s all about spotting and leveraging the value where a bookmaker might have miscalculated odds;
    • How does it work? If a betting site provides higher odds for an outcome than you believe is accurate, that’s your value bet. The idea is to consistently bet on these overpriced odds, increasing your chances of long-term gains.

Spotlight on IPL Betting: A Deep Dive into the Top 3 Bookmakers

Spotlight on IPL Betting: A Deep Dive into the Top 3 Bookmakers

As the Indian Premier League (IPL) continues to captivate cricket enthusiasts globally, the world of online betting has expanded in tandem. Punters are always on the lookout for bookmakers that offer a seamless, secure, and rewarding betting experience. With countless options available, zeroing in on the best can be daunting. In this section, we turn the limelight onto three of the most renowned IPL betting sites, dissecting their features, pros, and cons to guide you toward an informed choice. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a newcomer eager to join the action, this deep dive will provide clarity on the top bookmakers in the IPL betting arena.


Introduction: Established in 2006, Betway has ascended the ranks to become one of Europe’s premier online gaming destinations. Governed by both the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, Betway ensures its operations align with strict regulatory standards. Expanding its horizon, Betway has recently made its mark in India, and bringing onboard English cricketer Kevin Pietersen as its face only solidifies its commitment to the region.

Beyond its core services, Betway is an influential name in the sports world, extending sponsorships to teams like West Ham United in football and the West Indies in cricket. The Betway Insider, the company’s official sports and betting blog, serves as a reservoir of insights for enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Payment Flexibility: Betway accommodates a wide range of payment methods, including UPI, e-wallets (Neteller and Skrill), net banking, debit/credit cards, and Paypal. Further enhancing user experience, it refrains from levying any charges on deposits and withdrawals. However, deposit thresholds vary Rs. 200 for newcomers, Rs. 500 for seasoned users, Rs. 500 for UPI, and Rs. 1000 for net banking. A minimum withdrawal of Rs. 1000 ensures users have reasonable access to their funds.


  • Competitive Odds: Betway’s IPL betting odds are among the market’s most competitive, making it a top choice for cricket enthusiasts;
  • User-Centric Design: With an intuitive interface, navigating the sportsbookie is a breeze;
  • Free Predictive Games: Gamers can try their hand at free IPL and cricket prediction games with an enticing prize pool of up to Rs.10,00,000;
  • Promotions: Attractive offers keep players engaged and rewarded;
  • Transparency: With no concealed terms, users have a clear understanding of the playing field.


  • Limited Customer Support: A downside is the absence of telephonic support, which some users might find essential;
  • Bonus Restrictions: New entrants might feel left out as the welcome bonus is reserved for deposits made through Neteller, Skrill, or traditional card methods.


Introduction: Established in 2000, 1xBet has carved its niche in the global betting arena. Governed under the Curacao gaming jurisdiction, its growing footprint in India demonstrates its intent to tap into diverse markets. While a section of its users has voiced concerns regarding its services, a significant number of punters continue to place their trust in 1xBet.

Key Features:

  • Safety Protocols: With top-tier SSL encryption, 1xBet safeguards users’ data, ensuring both personal and financial details remain confidential;
  • Diverse Payment Options: Catering to varied user preferences, 1xBet supports multiple payment methods, including Paytm, e-wallets, debit/credit cards, and even Bitcoin. A minimal withdrawal threshold of Rs.300 caters to most users, albeit Paytm users have a higher limit at Rs.3000. Deposits start from a pocket-friendly Rs.300.


  • Localized Experience: With a website and app tailored for the Indian demographic, 1xBet ensures a more personalized user journey;
  • Reputable Bookmaker: Despite mixed reviews, the site stands as a trusted name in the betting industry;
  • Innovative Features: Users can even place bets using Telegram, showcasing 1xBet’s forward-thinking approach;
  • Accessible Support: With phone customer service, 1xBet bridges the communication gap, offering a more immediate solution to user concerns.


  • Mixed User Feedback: A fraction of its user base has aired grievances about the bookmaker’s services and its pace in addressing issues;
  • Withdrawal Delays: Payout timelines might not be as swift as some of its competitors, potentially causing user dissatisfaction;
  • Interface Hurdles: Newcomers might find the site’s design slightly congested, possibly causing an initial hurdle in navigation.


Overview: Tailored specifically for the Indian betting landscape, 10Cric stands out as a dedicated online sportsbook. With its regulatory oversight from the Curacao gaming authority, 10Cric assures punters of a trustworthy betting environment.

Bookmaker Highlights:

  • IPL-Centric: 10Cric prides itself on its comprehensive coverage of IPL matches. Coupled with a seamless site and app design, users can swiftly navigate through available options;
  • Safety Commitment: The site’s emphasis on security ensures that punters can place bets with peace of mind;
  • Promotions & Updates: Consistent promotional offers elevate the potential for punters’ success. An additional cricket segment keeps users updated with the latest IPL news and insights;
  • Diverse Payment Gateways: With a multitude of payment methods, including net banking, UPI, bank transfers, cards, and e-wallets, 10Cric ensures convenience. The minimum deposit starts at Rs.750, and withdrawals can be initiated from Rs.1000 onwards.


  • Round-the-Clock Support: Be it day or night, 10Cric’s customer service is always accessible;
  • Multiple Contact Channels: Apart from standard modes, the bookmaker also offers phone support;
  • Appealing Offers: Both newcomers and regular users can benefit from attractive promotions and bonuses;
  • Versatile Payment Methods: Catering to diverse preferences, 10Cric offers a broad spectrum of transaction methods;
  • Cricket-Specific Focus: It stands out as a site that truly understands cricket enthusiasts.


  • Traditional Design: While functional, the bookmaker could benefit from integrating some of the latest design trends;
  • Unfulfilled Promises: Some users have reported issues related to undelivered rewards and promotions.

IPL Betting Tips

The global allure of cricket has given birth to various formats, with Twenty20 cricket, or T20, rapidly rising to prominence. Distinct from the revered Test matches and One Day Internationals, a T20 bout wraps up in mere hours. Each team gets a single innings to showcase their batting and bowling prowess, limited to 20 overs. Given its unique, concise format, the IPL presents specific betting nuances for the T20 style.

Knowledge is Power

For an informed IPL betting strategy, arm yourself with comprehensive knowledge. Not just a grasp of the game’s intricacies but a daily update on player health, performance, and transfers. In the IPL’s vibrant ecosystem, player mobility is frequent. New faces join teams via annual auctions, while existing players may switch sides during transfer windows. Stay updated with IPL-centric news and betting sites to gauge player form and fitness when placing bets;

T20 Performance Metrics

While newcomers from the annual auctions might appear as wild cards, their past T20 performances can offer valuable insights. Several global T20 leagues, like Australia’s Big Bash League or the Pakistan Super League, often feature players who later make their mark in the IPL. For instance, before Glenn Maxwell’s 2020 stint with Kings XI Punjab, his track record in the Australian Big Bash League provided a glimpse into his potential performance. Digging into a player’s T20 history, even from other leagues, can help forecast their IPL trajectory;

Bowler Caps

T20’s truncated format imposes a four-over cap on each bowler. So, even if a team boasts a star bowler, they’re limited in their impact on the game, something to remember when placing bets like “most wickets taken”;

Decoding Overs

In the T20 context, understanding the nature of individual overs is crucial. Typically, the final, 20th over witnesses a surge in runs, as batsmen throw caution to the wind. Contrastingly, the 19th over, often helmed by the team’s best bowler, tends to be more conservative.

Format-Specific Strategies Revealed

The dynamic nature of the IPL, with its high-octane matches and lots of star players, has given rise to several betting formats. While many of these mirror traditional cricket betting formats, the nuances of the IPL require tailored strategies. Here, we delve into a few popular formats, offering cricket betting tips to enhance your betting game.

In-Play IPL Betting

In-play or live betting injects real-time excitement into your IPL viewing, allowing you to place bets as the action unfolds. Given the IPL’s compressed format and aggressive gameplay, certain overs typically see a spike in run rates;

Strategy Tip:

Before placing live bets on runs in a specific over, investigate the historical run rates for particular batsmen or batting pairs. Given that each team faces off twice in a season, you can leverage bowler-batsman statistics from previous encounters to make informed in-play bets;

PL Futures Betting

IPL futures betting offers the chance to make predictions about overarching outcomes of the season. The betting odds for significant awards and the eventual champion fluctuate throughout the season;

Strategy Tip:

If you observe a drastic shift in odds for a player or team, delve into the reasons. Perhaps a key player has been injured or there’s been a change in team strategy. Being informed helps you make calculated decisions.