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Space Marine ATV

This was one of my most requested "How To's" back in the old days when the site was Space Wolf themed. I don't have any work-in-progress pictures of the various stages of construction, but hopefully the various views below will give you some idea of how the thing goes together.

Parts List

To make ONE ATV, you are going to need the following parts:
•     Space Marine Bike or Attack Bike (complete kit)
•     Extra tire(s) - total of four (Space Marine Bike size)
•     Multi-melta - From an Attack Bike or a Landspeeder (plastic works best)
•     Tau Crisis Suit Weapons - 2 Fusion Blasters, 2 Burst Cannons,
                                                2 Flamers, 1 Plasma Rifle (make friends with a Tau player!)
•     A trip through your bits box!


STEP 1: The first step is to make the body of the ATV. Glue the two halves of the bike together and attach the handle bars and the bottom footplate.

DO NOT put the tires between the halves of the bike when glueing.

Next cut off the forks and trim the exhaust pipes and most of the rear fender off the bike. The idea is to make it look more like the fender on the back of a dirt bike. Be sure to keep the front fender, you will need some of it later.

STEP 2: The next step is to build the front suspension. This is where the tau bits are put into use. The front forks are made from 2 Tau flamers.

Trim off most of the back portion and then drill straight down the barrel with a pin vise. Then drill up into the stearing head of the bike where the forks used to be.

Using a paper clip as support structure, attach the flamers to the front of the bike to make the forks. Then trim the wheel connection points from the front bike fender (you saved these from Step 1, right?) and mount them facing out. This allows you to mount the front wheels on the ATV.

STEP 3: The rear suspension is a bit trickier. First, cut the barrels off the burst cannons and glue the tires onto the circular barrel mounting plate. Then trim the ammo drum off the rear of the cannon.

Trim the entire front section off the fusion blasters and attach the burst cannon/tire assembly to the cylinder that sticks out from the fusion blaster. Make two of these rear wheel assemblies with the tires facing to either side.

Cut the barrel off the plasma rifle, use the back part of the gun as a spacer for the rear wheel assemblies. Mount it under the rear fender, along the centerline of the bike, with the two small cylinders facing toward the rear. Once the wheel assemlies are in place, two individual burst cannon barrels are used as support struts.

STEP 4: The next step is to build the rider. Build him however you like as long as he has at least one hand on the bars. It is important to build him at this point so you can place him on the bike while attaching the weapons in step 5. It would really suck to glue the weapons on only to realize that they interfere with the rider of the ATV.

STEP 5: Now to start on the weaponry. Use another individual burst cannon barrel and a piece of sprue to make the support for the multi-melta. Once this is glued in place on the top of the rear fender, attach some bits to give it a more technical look. A small peice of guitar string makes a pretty convincing power cable.

STEP 6: For the front of the bike I used a piece of sprue to act as support for the two bolters on the side of the bike. Mount these bolters on the opposite side from the multi-melta so the ATV doesn't look too unbalanced. The front fairing is composed of the trimmed down bike fairing (cut just on either side of the headlight), the box off the rear of the tau flamer and the hunter killer missile targeting scope from the imperial vehicle sprue.

Well that's about it. I hope these instructions are helpful to all those who want to build their own ATVs.