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Vommit Kommitz - project finished on 1/15/10

These are my version of Deth Koptas. Something has always appealed to me about the concept of Orks racing around at top speed on jet-powered contraptions with absolutely no regard for operator safety.

These things are converted and cannibalized mostly from Robogear model kits.

They sat, half-finished, for quite a while when the 'official' Deff Kopta models were released.

While the Deff Koptas are great models, I just didn't feel they generated the same "psychotic speed freek" vibe that these little beauties do.

Concept and Construction

Here a some shots of my updated Vommit Kommits.

I did a lot more detail work on the models from their original design (seen at the bottom of the page).

The weaponry has also been updated to fit in with the new codex.

Here's the lead Kommit.

I used a lot of wire to add some extra fuel lines and such to the models. It also worked really well to add some strength to the handlebars which were a weak point in the original design.

Now the extra wiring is similar the brake and clutch wires you'd see on the handlebars of a real motorcycle.

I also added some extra detail to the engines.

I used plasticard and tubing to add some patched armor plating on the sides and thrust nozzles to the rear of the engines.

This guy still retains the large solid-fuel rokkit booster from the original design. I like the idea of the Ork lighting the fuse on that thing when it's time to turbo boost.

One other detail that needed some work were the soles of the feet.

While the boot soles aren't a critical area on most models, they are usually mounted on a base of some sort, it can be pretty noticeable when you're flying through the air.

I used green stuff to add some tread to the bottom of the feet, giving them that 'combat boot' look.

Whoops, I also see a mold line that I missed. Gonna have to remedy that before painting.


Here's the lead Kommit all painted up. I went heavy on the weathering around the engines. By their very nature, these guys aren't too worried about hitting things. Why else would they have blades mounted on their ride!

The second Kommit, tearing through sky.

Nothing like a nice big spike on the front to make sure the enemy get's the point!

Sorry, lousy joke!

Here's a close up of the control panel, complete with radar screen for finding enemies... or at least playing video games :-)

And finally, a nice shot of the whole skwadron painted up.

Comparison Shots

Whenever you scratchbuild something, there is often a size difference between your conversion and the 'official' model. Since I built these guys long before the Assault on Black Reach set was even conceived, there were bound to be some issues.

Here you can see the size comparision between my conversion and the official Deth Kopta model from the Assault on Black Reach set.

Mine are a bit smaller, but not by much. The biggest difference is in the overall height of the model, which can cause line-of-sight disagreements on the table top.

At some point, I'll have to increase the height of the flying stand to compensate, but they're ok for now.

Since these shots were taken, the Kommitz have been updated to fit in with the new codex (weapon swaps, etc.)

Original Design

Back in the day, Deff Koptas were a bit different. You had different weapon options available and the skwadron could be led by a Mekboy.

Here are a few shots of the Koptas as they were originally built.

Here's the Mekboy.

I armed him with a shoota-skorcha combi-weapon and a powerklaw.


Basic Kommit making a hard right bank

This guy decided that twin-linked Big Shootas weren't enough and brought his own slugga with him.