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'Hot Rod' Style Wartrukk - project completed on 2/12/2011


I'm thinking I may want to bring a 'Speed freek' style army to my next tournament. It makes it a lot easier to stick to the time limit if all your guys are mounted up. I wanted something a bit different for this Watrukk.

Concept and Construction

Right off the bat I knew I wanted a six-wheeled chassis design.

I found a toy set that had smaller versions of the standard tires I use on my Ork vehicles, and figured they would look good on the front.

I like how funky this thing looks with 2 sets of 'steering' tires and the big 'drive' tires in the back.

Here's the chassis from the back...

...and from underneath.

I've started on the body work for this thing. The front of this baby will feature a super-charged engine with the intake manifold and other goodies sticking out the hole in the hood.

I'll also be adding a roll cage to this thing to give it kind of a 'dune buggy' look.

Here's a shot from the back showing the passenger compartment. The jacked up design not only adds to the 'speedy' look of the thing, it will also help to keep models from falling off the back of the Trukk.

Here's the beginnings of the roll cage. Kind of makes it look like the demented offspring of a pickup truck, a hot rod, and a dune buggy.

As you can see, I've added some detail work at this stage. The engine is pretty much good to go, and I've started to detail the front grill as well.

I've added some support struts for what will be a reinforced ram and I've also added some center support bars to the roll cage.

I've added some 'diamond plate' plasticard to the bed to give it some texture. I've also put in some exhaust pipes and an extra fuel tank.

Here's another shot of the udercarriage showing the drive shaft and the armor plate under the engine compartment. This thing rides pretty low to the ground in the front, so protecting the engine is a good idea.

Update 2/07/11:

I've got the detailing all finished up on this thing, small rivets, armor plates, the works.

I've also included a grot rigger. Rules wise, I may or may not equip the trukk with a grot rigger, but I think he looks cool.



I've also got the big shoota as a pintle mount on the roll cage. The weapon is removable so that I can swap it out for a rokkit launcha if I want.

Here's a shot from the rear showing the tailgate, complete with glyph and jerry can.

Here it is from the opposite angle on the rear...

... and a bird's eye view of the passenger compartment. I've got an extra ammo box and a shoota attached to the side walls.

At this point, this thing is ready for primer and painting.


Here's the 'Hot Rod' all painted up and ready for the tabletop.

Here's a shot from the opposite side. I opted to leave the grot rigger off for the time being. I'll probably add him at a later date, but for now he's 5 points of upgrade that doesn't see much use.

From the right side rear...

... and the left side rear.

Bag it an' tag it, boyz. This sucker's done :)