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Update 4/10/14

I've got the first test model up for the Lions Adamant Space Marines in the Commission section. Once I get all the details ironed out, I'll get cranking on the rest of these guys.

Past Updates

Update 4/3/14
I've finished up the Dark Angels in the Commission section, complete with a Standard Bearer sporting a freehand Chapter Banner. I've also included a step by step process on how I did it.

Update 3/21/14
It's been a while since I've painted anything for the Dark Angels in the Commission section. All that has changed with the addition of a few Techmarines, Servitors, and tracked weapon platforms.

Update 3/17/14
There are some Forgeworld goodies added to the Lions Adamant Space Marines in the Commission section. It can be rough sometimes building and painting models... 'cuz occasionally you come across some models you reeeeeeally want to add to your collection... Sometimes you don't know you want one, until you actually build it :)

Update 3/6/14
I've started converting up a bunch of Space Marines in the Commission section. These guys are going to be painted in the colors of the Lions Adamant, a custome chapter created by the customer.

I've also finished a shiny new Dreadnought for the Ultramarines in the Mek Shop.

Update 2/20/14
I've finished painting the 'Squig-Powered' Wartrukk and the 'sneaky' Nob in the Commission section.

Update 2/13/14
Now that the conversion work is done on the 'Squig-Powered' Wartrukk in the Commission section, I've added an Ork Nob who thinks he's being sneaky by disguising himself as a Terminator :)

Update 2/6/14
I've got the detail work done on the'Squig-Powered' Wartrukk in the Commission section, complete with a "snotling on a stick" used as bait to get the Squigs moving. Hehehehe, Orks are so much fun!

Update 1/22/14
Continuing with building wacky stuff for the Orks, I'm in the process of converting a 'Squig-Powered' Wartrukk in the Commission section. Gotta love the Orks :)

I've also finished painting a squad of Terminators for the Ultramarines in the Mek Shop.

Update 1/15/14
Ahhh! After a whole LOT of power armor over the holiday season, I'm back working on some more greenskins. I've just finished the conversion work on some Ork Lootas and Wartrakks in the Commission section.

Update 1/8/14
It's been a busy week around here. The Red Hunters Terminators are now complete in the Commission section, complete with a freehand banner. I've also added another Tactical Squad and a Razorback Transport to the Ultramarines in the Mek Shop.

Update 1/2/14  -   Happy New Year
I've been working on the Red Hunters Terminators in the Commission section, and their almost ready for their photo shoot. I've also finished converting some Devastators for my Ultramarines in the Mek Shop, complete with 2nd edition style armor greaves. There's even a 'How To' up in the Tutorials section for those of you interested in making your own.

Update 12/24/13  -   Merry Christmas!
Sorry for the delay in updates, but I've been having some issues uploading content to my hosting provider. With the holiday hustle and bustle, I don't have a lot to update, but I have finished the conversion and basing on the remaining models for the Dark Angels in the Commisions section.

I would also like to share one of my favorite 40k holiday stories... The Intruder by Sholto on the Warseer forums. Enjoy.

Update 12/5/13
I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. I've finally emerged from my turkey-induced coma and put together an update. The Commisions section is fairly busy right now with a lot of conversion work. I've got some Red Hunters Terminators that are ready for primer. I'm also working on a bunch of Dark Angels that need a bit more work before they're ready for paint.

Update 11/20/13
Do you guys smell bacon? That's because the Warboss on a Cyboar is DONE in the Commissions section. Bad joke, I know, but whatcha gonna do... I get a little punchy going into the holidays :)

Update 11/13/13
Something large, smelly, and unacceptable in polite company is under construction in the Commissions section. Have a look at the Snakebite Warboss on a Cyboar being built. If you thought Orks were crude before... get a load of this guy!

Update 11/11/13
I've put the last touches on the Raven Guard in the Commissions section. They're ready to go out the door!

Update 11/8/13
Wow! Quite the productive week around here. Amazing what you can get done when the rest of your life behaves itself for a little while and allows you to work. I've finshed up the Terminators for the Raven Guard in the Commissions section. All I need to do is clearcoat these guys, add some static grass, and they're ready to ship.

Update 11/6/13
Hot on the heels of the Ironclad Dreadnought, I've now added a finished Landraider for to the ranks of the Raven Guard in the Commissions section. Terminators are coming soon.

Update 11/5/13
I've finished painting the Ironclad Dreadnought for the Raven Guard in the Commissions section. Up next will be a Landraider and some Terminators.

Update 10/31/13
Happy Halloween!! I'm making good progress on the Raven Guard in the Commissions section. I've finished off the Drop Pods and I'm now assembling an Ironclad Dreadnought, as well as refurbishing a Landraider and a squad of Terminators.

Update 10/28/13
Last week, my friend and fellow gamer, Erich Hasstedt, passed away. Erich was a great guy with a dry sense of humor and a quick wit... and he was one hell of an opponent across a gaming table.

You can see some of the clashes between my Orks and Erich's Ultramarines in the Battle Reports section. In honor of Erich's memory, I am dedicating my current Ultramarines project to him. Farewell, buddy. May the wind be always at your back. :(

Update 10/15/13
The Dark Angels Nephilim Jetfighter in the Commissions section. I'm also working feverishly on the Raven Guard Drop Pods, but I don't have any pictures of them at the moment.

Since my own Mekshop has been pretty quiet for a while, I've decided to do something about that. The gang over on Warseer are doing another Tale of 40k Painters thread, which some of you long-time readers may remember from back in 2009 when I painted my Crimson Fists. Well, I'm taking the plunge again this year, painting up an army of Ultramarines in a classical 2nd edition style.

Update 10/8/13
I've finished up the primary painting on the Dark Angels Nephilim Jetfighter in the Commissions section.

Update 10/2/13
I'm laying down the primer coats on the Dark Angels Nephilim Jetfighter as well as some Raven Guard Drop Pods in the Commissions section.

Update 9/30/13
I'm experimenting with a new telescoping flight stand for the Dark Angels Nephilim Jetfighter in the Commissions section. The stand is made by CorSec Engineering and it's pretty cool.

Update 9/19/13
Now that the Grot Artillery are in the mail to the customer, I'll be working on some Space Marines for a while. First up is a Nephilim Jetfighter for the Dark Angels in the Commissions section. There will also be some Raven Guard coming down the pipeline soon. Looks like a lot of black and white in my future :)

Update 9/17/13
Bag it and tag it! The Grot Artillery in the Commissions section and finally finished. They were definitely a time consuming project, but I'm really happy with how they turned out.



The Best of...

Tater Titan
A custom Ork Stompa built from a Mr. Potato Head
'Akira' Warboss
A custom Warboss on an "orky" version of the bike from Akira.
Mini Missile Launcher
Custom-built Missile Launchers for use on 'Bulky' 28mm minis, available for sale in the Store
Skrap Gun
Custom-built Grotzookas for Ork Killa Kanz, available for sale in the Store
Vommit Kommitz
My (rather deranged) version of Ork Deff Koptas
Ork Looted Gundam
Yup. You heard me right.
Wazdakka Gutsmek
A custom conversion of the famed Ork Biker-boss, done for a customer.
Bad Moon Warboss
A custom Warboss of the Bad Moon Clan, built for a customer
Grot Artillery
Custom-converted Ork Big Guns, built for a customer.




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