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Space Marine Devastator Legs

Back in the days of 2nd and early 3rd edition 40k, Space Marine Devastators had reinforced armor greaves on their lower legs.

This tutorial is for those of you who want to take a stab at building your own, without having to hunt down the original models on eBay. The materials for this are simple: All you need are a few sets of Space Marine legs and some greenstuff.

The Original

The original metal and plastic hybrid models were a real pain. With metal bodies and weapons , and plastic arms and shoulder pads, the arms would eventually pop off unless you either pinned them, or drowned them in super glue and putty.

While I'm not a fan of most of the "over-the-shoulder" heavy weapons (the Heavy Bolter looked especially stupid in my opinion), I loved the look of the lower legs. It's as though the armor was reinforced to stabilize and support the extra weight of the heavy weapon.

The Conversion

STEP 1: Selecting the Legs

To match the 2nd edition Devastator look as closely as possible, use the 'kneepad' legs as opposed to the legs with the smooth armor greave.

STEP 2: Preparing the Legs

To prepare the legs for greenstuff scultping, use a sharp hobby knife and remove any excess detail from aroung the ankle joints. Cables, purity seals and such need to be removed so they don't interfere with the sculpting process.

STEP 3: Bulking up the leg

Using greenstuff and a sculpting tool, bulk up the lower leg. You don't want the green stuff layer to be too thick, about .5mm is plenty thick enough. Leave a little space (about 1mm) between the kneepad and the top off the green stuff layer.

STEP 4: Detail

Using the tip of a curved hobby blade, make some small incisions in the greenstuff layer to outline the "battlement" look on the upper edge of the greenstuff layer.

Once you have the outline correct, carefully use your hobby knife to clear away the excess greensuff. When the design is finished, it should look like the top edge of a castle wall, with four "merlons", one on the shin, one on the back of the calf, and one on each side.

STEP 5: Ankle Detail

Using the excess greentsuff you cleared away from the "castle wall" detail, make two small balls of greenstuff and press them against the lower sides of the greave to create the pivot joint for the ankle.


Once you've completed this step on one pair of legs, let it sit for 24 hours to let the greenstuff set. You can work on another pair of legs, but don't mess with the one you just finished sculpting for at least a day.

STEP 6: Do the other side

You let the greenstuff set, right?


Now, repeat steps 3-5 for the other side, and then let it set for another day.

Don't get impatient. If you try to rush things, you'll end up smashing the soft greenstuff with your thumb and then you'll be really disgusted with yourself.

Be patient. Trust me... you'll regret it if you don't.

STEP 7: Foot Detail

After the armor greaves have dried thoroughly, use few small blobs of greenstuff to create "tabs" on the feet in a similar design as the greaves. One in the front, two on either side of the foot, and one on the heel.

Same rule of patience applies here... Let one foot dry completely before doing the other foot.

And there you have it, 2nd edition Devastator legs for your Space Marines.

Group Shot

Here are four sets of Devastator legs, with torsos attached, ready for use in my 'Retro' Ultramarines Army.