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There's an old saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention." The designs you see here are the result of me wanting or needing something for one of my modelling projects and, through trial and error, having to come up with the solution myself.


Now that all the hard work is done, I'm offering these kits to my fellow hobbyists out there so they don't have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

NOTE: Like the Commission section, I have closed the Online Store due to changes in my other job and other commitments. Thanks for all the support folks.

Resin Conversion Kits

Scrap Gunz (set of 3)
Product Code:    RCO-001

No Longer Available

A ramshackle, shotgun-style weapon that fires battlefield debris at the enemy. Loads of fun for the whole family. This resin set includes enough guns, ammo hoppers and mounting rods to build three (3) Scrap Gunz. Parts are supplied unpainted.

Mini Missile Launcher (set of 2)
Product Code:    RCO-004

No Longer Available

A mini missile launcher than can either be used as a turret or mounted to the shoulder of some of the 'bulkier' 28mm figures. This resin set includes enough components to build two (2) Mini Missle Launchers. Parts are supplied unpainted.

TRAKKZ (80) - NEW!!
Product Code:    RCO-002

No Longer Available

A set of spiked tread plates to make your tanks look extra mean. Each resin set includes eighty (80) tread plates. Parts are supplied unpainted.

Scrap Bombz (set of 4)
Product Code:    RCO-003

No Longer Available

Rickety bombs that can be mounted under the wings of almost an aircraft model. Guaranteed to bring a smile to the enemy's face. This resin set includes four (4) Scrap Bombz and four (4) hardpoint support struts. Parts are supplied unpainted.