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Here are my Tau, the first full army I painted for 40k. I haven't played these guys since back in the days of 3rd edition 40k, so the unit choices you see below are geared more for that rules system. My painting and modelling skills have definitely improved since I painted this army, so there are a few more flaws on these models than in some of my other work.

This army was dubbed "The Red Tide" by one of the players in my game group for it's mobility and the fact that he could never pin it down. I would 'move in' and shoot him, then 'move out' so he couldn't retaliate. Yup, I frustrated the hell out of a lot of people while playing this army. Hmmmm, could be the reason I won a tournament with 'em :-)

Click on a thumbnail below for a larger image.

HQ Units

Crisis Suit Commander

I always fielded this guy armed in the "Fireknife" suit configuration (Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, and hardwired Multi-tracker). It was, and still is, the most flexible and deadly of the suit configurations in my opinion. I always gave him a shield generator and a couple of shield drones to increase his survivability. His high ballistic skill and deadly weaponry made him a real menace

Bodyguard Team

If the game was large enough, I'd splurge and buy a bodyguard team for the commander. Armed with the same weapons and equipped with 2 drones each, these guys and the commander made a mean command unit. The amount of pain this team could lay down was sickening. It was expensive as hell, but it could really take some punishment.


I rarely fielded this guy, having painted him mostly for looks. The bonus he can grant your army is pretty good, but it's far outweighed by the drawbacks of him getting killed. Usually when I put this guy on the table it was like painting a bullseye on his chest.


Crisis Suit Team 1 - "White Helmets"

The mainstay of my army was the Crisis Suit Team, which consisted of three suits in the "Fireknife" configuration, led by a team leader with a couple of shield drones. Mobile, well-armed, and trick as hell to try and catch, these guys could handle most anything they came across... except a fist fight. If they got into an assault, they would usually get their butts kicked. Badly.

Crisis Suit Team 2 - "Grey Helmets"

Just like the 'White Helmets', I modelled these guys to have a couple of the suits in jumping poses.


Crisis Suit Team 3 - "Black Helmets"

Identical to the other 2 Crisis Teams, except with black helmets.

Stealth Suit Team

Sometimes I'd field these guys instead of one of my Crisis Suit Teams, usually for visual reasons since I love the way they look. I gave the team leader a couple of shiled drones as well. They don't pack as much of a puch as the Crisis Teams, but they're hell on wheels against 'softer' armies like Imperial Guard or Orks.


Fire Warrior Team 1

Back in 3rd edition, Troops units weren't near as vital to winning as they are in 5th. There was no such thing as 'scoring' units back then, so I usually ran these units as a no-frills "speedbump" to save my Crisis Suit teams from getting assaulted. I armed them with a mix of Pulse Rifles and Pulse Carbines, more for looks than any tactical flexibilty.

Fire Warrior Team 2

Same as Team 1.

Fire Warrior Team 3

Same as the other 2 'meatshields'. :-)

Kroot Carnivore Squad

These guys were fun to paint and play with. Having 20 of these guys Infiltrate into enemy territory could really throw a wrench into your opponent's plans. Damn shame the picture came out fuzyy, looks like I'll have to take another one. Don't worry, I'll get to it.

Fast Attack

Gun Drone Squadron

Occasionally you need a throw away unit to either stop an assault, or Deep Strike in and try to hit something. For these times, a drone squadron is just the thing. Nothing like Frisbees of Doom to annoy your opponent.

Heavy Support

Broadside Suit Team

Oh, the pain. This unit scares the living crap out of any vehicle on the board. I would stick these guys into some terrain with a good field of fire and watch anything with an armor value run and hide. If any of them popped out of cover, even for one turn, these guys would ruin thier day with 3 twin-linked railguns.


One of the best tanks in the game, in my opinion. Fairly well armored and mobile, it packs one of the most versatile weapons in the game. Soild-shot for vehicles, or submunitions rounds for taking out horde armies, the Hammerhead with a Railgun can take on damn near anything.