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Here are some pictures of my Space Wolves, one of the armies that sidetracked me on my long journey back to the Orks. These guys still hold a special place in my heart. I put a lot of sweat into building and painting them and I won a local tournament with these lads.

My modelling skills have come a long way since making this army. You'll probably see a fair few mold lines in these pictures as well as a few painting flaws.

Click on a thumbnail below for a larger image.

HQ Units

Wulfgar Whitemane and Bodyguard

My Wolf Lord and his retinue of Wolf Guard Terminators. I run these guys in a drop pod so they can drop in wherever they are needed. Once on the ground, they open up with 2 assault cannons and 3 bolter/plasma combi-weapons. OUCH! And for close encounters, Wulfgar is armed with a Frost Blade while the bodyguard has 2 power weapons, a powerfist, and a chainfist. These lads are pretty expensive, but they are soooo worth it.

Magnus the Mighty

My Venerable Dreadnought, Magnus is the centerpeice of my army. I never leave home without this guy. Not only does he use up one of the many HQ slots that the Wolves are required to take, he's a dead hard Dreadnought to boot. I run him with an Assault Cannon and Close Combat Weapon so he tear through things at range as well as close up.

Logan Stormclaw

My Rune Priest armed with Lightning Claws. This guy is one of my favorite characters. He's a real monster in close combat, and tears through enemies like butter. He's got a nasty reputation amongst many of my opponenents, with good reason, so I generally stick him with a pack of Grey Hunters as a bodyguard to help soak up some of the fire that comes his way.

Ulric Ironfist

If you're looking for a dead hard Space Wolf HQ and you're tight on points, you can't go wrong with a Wolf Priest. This Space Wolf version of a Chaplain comes armed to the teeth with just his basic equipment. I tend to load him up a bit more, making him a tad more expensive, but he's still a bargain compared to some of the other choices available to the Wolves.


Jorin's Wolf Scouts

Led by Jorin Icewolf (a Wolf Guard Leader with a Powerfist), this nasty pack of scouts is always a pain in my opponent's ass. Literally. I use their 'Behind the Lines' ability to pop up in the enemy's back line and start tearing things up. In addition to Jorin's powerfist, there are two power weapons and a meltagun in the squad. These guys have turned the tide of many a game.


Hargan's Hunters

This pack of Grey Hunter's is led by Hargan Stormhammer, armed with a Thunderhammer. The rest of the pack is armed with bolters, with several specialists toting a power weapon, a powerfist, and a meltagun. There isn't much they can't handle.

Thor's Blood Claws

Thor Thunderfist leads this hot-headed pack of Blood Claws. Blood Claws aren't much at shooting so these guys are loaded purely for close combat. In addition to Thor's powerfist, there is another powerfist as well as a power weapon in the pack. I tend to jam these guys right into the thick of things, where they make a real mess of whatever they hit.

Grey Hunters

I run this pack of Grey Hunters without a pack leader. This isn't to say they are any less effective than the other two packs. Far from it. These guys act as a bodyguard for one of my HQ units, usually Logan Stormclaw. They are armed in my standard Grey Hunter fashion; bolters, power weapon, powerfist, and meltagun, meaning they can tackle damn near anything and come out on top.

Transport Vehicles

Hargan's Rhino

Just a standard Rhino Troop Transport, armed with a Storm Bolter, Extra Armor and Smoke Launchers. The lightning bolt symbol on the front fender matches the pack insignia on the shoulder pauldrons of Hargan and his boys..

Thor's Rhino

Just like Hargan's Rhino. Same armament and the pack insignia on the fenders.

Grey Hunter's Rhino

Just like the other Rhinos, with the same armament and the pack insignia on the fenders.

Drop Pod

I made this baby loooong before the new plastic drop pod was available from Games Workshop. Back in the day, the only game in town for Drop Pods was Forgeworld. A resin model with a hefty price tag and flimsy door hinges that broke easily. To hell with that. My Drop Pod is made from balsa wood and the cardboard from a cereal box. It may not have the same detail as the Forgeworld pod, but it was a LOT cheaper.

Fast Attack

Attack Bike Squadron

I used to ride motorcycles. I can tell you from experience, sidecars are NOT off-road equipment. Instead of the standard GW models, I wanted something less 'low-rider' looking for my attack bikes. I converted up these babies to look like they could handle some serious rough terrain and still dish out the pain. I've also cooked up a bit of a tutorial for folks interested in making their own.

Heavy Support


This is Vanir, my whirlwind. This thing has showered death on many an enemy. It's one my favorite models. It's cheap, and can hide behind terrain while it rains down some nasty artillery on the enemy.