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I've gone through a few names for Da Boyz over the years, none of which set right with me until now. Why rename 'Da Boyz' again? Well, I'm finally taking this mob o' green to a tournament. Da Grand Waaagh is being held locally and will be the first major tournament I've played in with my Orks. From here on out, my Orks will be known as: "Big Boss Dawg'z Rednekk Renegadez"

"Da Renegadez" will be updated with new units as I get them built and painted. This army is my pride and joy, and I will never stop tinkering with it. One thing that will NEVER change is the fact that Da Boyz are big, bad, mean, green, and clearly not acceptable in polite company. If you're facing them across the battlefield you better watch out. They'll knock you so flat, you'll have to roll down your socks to s**t.

Click on a thumbnail below for a larger image.

Da Bosses

Warboss Big Dawg... on foot

Often referred to as just "Da Boss", Big Dawg is a beast in close combat. He doesn't muck about with "dem panzee shooty fings"; his gun is grafted onto his attack squig, Izzy (who is probably a better shot anyway). On the battlefield, Big Boss Dawg is always in the thick of it, meaning he gets his 'ead smashed in quite often, hence all the 'bionik' replacement parts.

... and on a Bike!

Sometimes Da Boss doesn't feel like walking. Hey, your feet would hurt too if you'd been patched back together as many times as he has. At times like this, or just when he's feeling "da need fer speed", he hops on his custom Warbike.

There's a full project log in the Mek Shop in case you want to see how I built this thing.

Warlord Ghenghis Kan

Sometimes you just want to smash somebody flat with several tons of armored Orky Goodness. Times like these call for the 'Wrath of Kan', an army made up of armored Orks and as many Killa Kanz and deff Dreads as you can jam into it. Who better to lead the army than "Ghenghis Kan" himself and his trusty sidekick, "Da Robosquig".

Big Mek Tork and his 'gang'

Tork is the mechanical genius of the army. He often follows the 'Eavy Stuff into battle, carrying a Kustom Force Field to protect his 'babies' and a Burna for close encounters. He is accompanied by his trusty grot oilers Spanner, Wingnut, and Spike, as well as a nasty critter known as "Da Turbosquig". With his mad mek skillz, Tork can fix damn near anything.

Big Mek 'Sparky'

Sparky loves bashing together gunz, most of which are just as dangerous to the operator as they are to the target. His most psychotic invention is his Shokk Attack Gun. Only Sparky is brave/stupid enough to fire it. The randomness of this thing can be hilarious. But when it's your guys getting vaporized in a haze of warp-crazed snotlings, you ain't laughing!

Da 'Leetz

Dokta Chop and the Cyborks

There are few units in the game that can match the blood and gristle of a mob o' Nobz. The amount of death and mayhem these boyz can throw down is pretty ridiculous. With ol' Dokta Chop (the painboy) tagging along to give them cybork bodies and 'Feel No Pain', these lads can take a ton of punishment and still hang around to dish it out.

Da Bad Muthatrukkaz

If Nobz are scary, then Meganobz are downright frightening. Nobz are mean, grizzled, walls of muscle with all the tender sweetness of raging, homicidal psycopaths. Now, wrap each one in nearly a ton of hyrdaulic-powered armor plating, add some guns and powerklaws, and then toss 'em in a Wartrukk.
Yup, all the subtlety of a freight train.

Krug's Kan Krakkaz

Krug and his boyz are death incarnate for any vehicle that ventures into their line of sight. Every boy in the mob carries an armor-cracking weapon, be it a rokkit launcha or the dreaded 'tankhammer'. Krug himself is sporting a powerklaw. And if all that firepower and close combat nastiness isn't enough, they just let loose the bombsquigs to do their thing!

Boss Snikrot

If you're fielding Kommandos, having Snikrot lead the mob can make them reaaally nasty. He may not have a powerklaw, but his blades are pretty brutal. The real bonus to running this guy is being able to choose which table edge the outflank from.

Grimslag's Sneaky Gitz

Grimslag is probably the the sneakiest Ork in the army. He and his boyz like to crawl up as close to the enemy as possible and then bash 'em good when they're not looking. Grimslag is armed with a Powerklaw and his boyz are all equipped for close combat, one of them carrying a Burna. They'll be getting more boyz and another Burna in the future.

Rambork's Red Skullz

Rambork and his boyz like to sneak about "all quiet like." At least until they decide to "go loud" and open up on the enemy with thier Big Shootas. Rambork himself is armed with a Powerklaw "cuz sumtimez da bullets ain't enuff." The rest of the boyz are geared up for close combat with Sluggas, Choppas and Stikkbombs.

Da Skorchaz

"Build a man a fire and you keep him warm for a night, set a man on fire and you keep him warm for the rest of his life". There's something twisted and wrong (and yet oh so right) about wanting to set people on fire and watch 'em "do the burny dance". For times like these, I call in my Burna Boyz, led by a couple of Meks with Kustom Mega Blastaz for those times when they run across a tank or something.

Da Boyz

Skarr's Slugga Mob

Skarr leads the toughest bunch of boyz in the army. This one-eyed Nob and his mob of Slugga Boyz have run roughshod over many an enemy. Skarr is armed with a Powerklaw and Choppa (illegal in the new codex, but it doesn't affect his number of attacks and he just looks cool!). A few boyz in his mob carry rokkits for "dem pesky 'ard fings."

Grimjaw's Boyz

Grimjaw likes bullets. Lots and lots of bullets. He also likes bashing in heads. That's probably why he's leading Slugga Boyz instead of a mob of Shootaz. He can unload hot lead at the enemy on the way in (some boyz in the mob carry Big Shootaz, and Grimjaw carries a Slugga), and he gets to krump fools with his Powerklaw once he gets there.

Tuffnut's 'Ard Boyz

For those times when the enemy decides they actually want to fight back, I call in Tuffnut and da Boyz. They can dish out just as much pain as a normal Slugga Boyz mob, but because they're wearing 'eavy armor, they can take more of a beating. This comes in pretty handy when I need some boyz left over at the end of a fight.

Sawdoff's Bullet Boyz

Sawdoff and his Bullet Boyz are the most trigger-happy bunch of orks in the army. The amount of lead they throw down-range is pretty impressive. They may not hit much, but it's not for a lack of trying. The one exception is Sawdoff. Ever since he lost his right eye in a fight, he's become a crack shot. Most likely because he's no longer confused which eye to aim with.

Lugnut's Loonatikz

Lugnut and his boyz are obsessed with speed. Since they're usually the first to the fight, Da Boss tends to hitch a ride with 'em. Because of this 'favoritism', the rest of the army knows to keep their grubby mitts off the Trukk. The Loonatikz carry Sluggas and Choppas, one has a Rokkit, and Lugnut is armed with a Powerklaw. When they hit you, it ain't pretty.

Da Squig Mob

A Squig is like an Ork attack dog... or a rabid badger on steroids, take your pick. It takes a special kind of Ork to handle squigs, and 'Lefty' (one guess how he got the name) is definitely special. He rides around in a ramshackle Trukk, talking to his pets, until it comes time to pile out and get stuck in. When they do, it's kinda like getting hit with a dumpster full of Rotweillers.

T-Bone's Runt Mob

T-Bone and his squighound Jaws drive a rag-tag mob of Grotz onto the battlefield in front of the rest of the army. Named for the "T" formation which I always seem to field them in, the grotz usually don't kill much (apart from the occasional Terminator, hehe). But they don't need to, their job is to die so the rest of the boyz don't.

Da Kwik Stuff

Da Vommit Kommitz

Ah, the Vommit Kommitz, my psychotic interpretation of Deff Koptaz. A bunch of Orks hanging on for grim death as their rocket powered sleds tear across the sky unloading high explosive death into the enemy's backside. Good times.

You can check out the full project log for these in the Mek Shop.

Da Skorcha Trakk

Nothing like smell of napalm in the morning. Fast, manueverable, and armed with a really nasty weapon, this beauty spells death for anything short of a Space Marine (and even they better hope that power armor is in good shape).

Want to build one of your own? Well, you're in luck. I just happen to have written a tutorial.

Da Rokkit Trakks

Enemy tanks tend to avoid Tankbustas like the plague. That's where these babies come in. They can roll around flanks and take pot-shots at enemy vehicles that are too scared to come out into the open. That's right! You can run, but you can't hide!

Da Red Barun

Sometimes the enemy will plant himself in a hard to reach spot, or they'll take to the air where Da Boyz can't reach 'em. For times like these, I call in the air power. A Dakkajet is so fast, and carries so many guns, it can throw down a disgusting amount of lead wherever you need it.

Da 'Eavy Stuff

Da Krusha Kanz

Killa Kanz, what's not to love. They're cheap. They're stompy. They got a boost in shootiness in the new book. And your opponent spends a considerable amount of firepower to try and take them out. They toss out rokkitz as they stomp their way up the battlefield. If they do manage to charge you, it's best if you close your eyes. Things will get messy.

Da Dakka Kanz

Just like Da Krusha Kans, except these guys are armed with "Scrap Gunz", my own custom version of the Grotzooka. There's nothing quite like firing chunks of scrap metal into the enemy as you stomp up the battlefield. If you haven't tried out a mob of Kanz armed with Grotzookaz, YOU SHOULD!!! They're just plain mean.

Da Junka Kanz

These are the new plastic Kanz, armed with a variety of anti-infantry weapons. Lucky for me I magnetized the weapon mounts so these guys can be armed with whatever I feel like for a game. With the addition these guys, as well as 'Stompy' (see below), Da Boyz now have a bonfide Dread Mob to run in Apocalypse games.

'Stompy' da Deff Dread

This big, shambling, four-armed engine of stompy death is a sight to behold. The new Deff Dread models are abolutely huge. They can be armed with a variety of different weapons, but the four-armed 'choppy deff' version looks the best. Besides, if I put any gunz on this thing, I might be tempted to slow down and shoot 'em.... and really, who wants that?

'Oscar' da Deff Dread

As cool as Stompy is above, I just love the old school metal Dreadnoughts from the previous edition. There's something gratifying about pounding your enemies flat...

... with a walking trash can!

Da BIG Tank

BWAHAHAHAHA! Nothing like a BIG Tank to make your opponent pee himself. My trusty Looted Leman Russ has been reborn as a Battlewagon. This beast is loaded up with a Killcannon, 3 Big Shootas, and tons of gubbinz to keep it in the fight longer. And now it can even carry up to a dozen boyz! If Tork is babysitting this thing, it's nigh invulnerable.

Da BIG Trukk

When I need to haul a LOT of boyz, and a Wartrukk just isn't big enough, that's when I call in Da BIG Trukk! This monstrous Battlewagon is built for the sole purpose of dumping a huge mob of boyz in the enemy's face and then rolling around behind his lines, causing all kinds of mayhem. This thing is LOADS of fun!

I've got a full project log for this thing in the Mek Shop.

Tork's Wrecka

Tork, my Big Mek, uses this modified Battlewagon for hauling scrap back to his shop. When this beast hits the table, no vehicle is safe. Friendly or not, mobile or not, Tork's Wrecka is coming to loot your stuff.

Check out how I built this thing in the Mek Shop.

Da Mega Dread

In Imperial Armor VIII: The Raid on Kastoral Novem, the Orks get a whole ton of new models and goodies, one of which is the Mega-Dread. This Forgeworld monstrosity makes a normal Dreadnought look like Pee Wee Herman. Perfect for stompin' foolz!

Da Soopa 'Eavy Stuff

Da Tater Titan

When even the heaviest battlewagon doesn't have enough firepower, it's time to call in some REAL Heavy Support. Da Tater Titan is my custom built Stompa, a massive beast bristling with gunz and attitude. If you're in his path... well, you're pretty much screwed. You could try praying. Who knows, it might even help.

Curious how I built this thing? Check out the full project log .

Da Old Krew

With the arrival of the new codex, there have been a few models and units that got the axe, or were revised to the point where some major conversion work will be required to get them into fighting shape again. Here are a few in need of refitting or repurposing.

Painboss and Cyborks

This is one unit that got the axe. Now the only way to get a Painboss and Cyborks is to upgrade a unit of Nobz. These guys are a bit weedy to have a Nob statline, so they'll be warming the bench until I field Mad Dok Grotsnik, and field them as a boyz mob with cybork bodies. The cybersquig has been reborn as an attack squig for 'Da Boss'.