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The Journey Continues...

The following morning, Friday, we crawled out of bed at O-dark-thirty and readied ourselves for the next leg of our trip. The airline gave us some breakfast vouchers, but the only place that would accept them in the vicinity of the hotel was a place called Grandy's. The menu looked like something you would find at Denny's if you're lucky... only it was a drive-thru!

After our fantastic dinner of the night before, the was no way in hell I was going to put that in my body!

Off to the airport we went.

The flight from Dallas to Huntsville was uneventful, and we soon found ourselves in possession of a rental car and headed for George's house. The only operational traffic light was in front of the hospital, since they were running on generators. Disaster relief was obviously located there as well. The line of cars to get supplies stretched around the block, down a sidestreet, and off into the distance. There had to be easily a hundred or more cars in the seticon we drove past.

Paul in front of George's house

Once we made it to George's house, we were greeted by warm welcoming hosts, plenty of food and drink, and tables set up and ready to play on. We stashed our gear, grabbed our beverages of choice, unpacked our armies, and got down to the business of playing with toy soldiers. :)

My Army List

Big Boss Dawg's Reddnekk Renegadez

Here's my army list for 'The Kalm'. You'll notice some similarities to this list and armies I've run at previous events. I included some new models that I've recently completed, as well as some old favorites.

The Practice Games

Since it was early afternoon on Friday, and the tournament itself wasn't due to start until the following day, we all managed to get in a couple of practice games.

It's always been a tradition with me, on the day before a tournament, to lose my practice games, often times very badly. This was no exception.

Practice Game 1

Opponent: Chris Talley
Army: Imperial Guard (Tonz o' Gunz)

  • Creed
  • Master of Ordnance
  • Massive combined squad with Commissar and Priest
  • 2 squads of deepstriking Stormtroopers w/ meltaguns
  • 2 squads of Veterans w/ meltaguns, riding in Chimeras
  • 2 Platoons with enough Autocannons to choke a Carnifex!

The mission was Seize Ground with a Pitched Battle deployment. We lined up across from one another and the game consisted of me taking it on the chin from the IG guns for 2-3 turns until I could get to grips with him. By the time I got in close, I didn't have enough left to make that much of a difference and he moved his guys forward in the late game to re-take objectives from the Orks he'd blown away earlier.

Those autocannon heavy weapon teams are rough on a good day, but when you start throwing down those IG orders to re-roll hits, they're downright wrong! Chris played a good game and basically shot me to shreds.


Practice Game 2


Opponent: Joe Johnson
Army: Salamanders

  • Vulcan
  • Master of the Forge
  • Ironclad Dreadnought in Drop Pod
  • 3 Tactical Squads in Drop Pods
  • 2 Sternguard Squads in Drop Pods
  • Assault Terminators w/ Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields

Joe is a great guy. He and I sat around and shot the breeze quite a bit last year, and this year I finally got play against him. Joe is a phenomenal painter, just check out his army.

How did the game go?

Have a look at the picture above and you can get a pretty good idea. Since he held his entire army in reserve, I bunched up to try and get as much of my army as possible under the cover of my Kustom Force Field. It's a pretty sound strategy if you can roll a decent cover save!

Joe dropped his pods in and hemmed my army in pretty handily. He then proceeded to wreck both my Battlewagons with melta weapons before they even got a chance to move. From then on out I was just trying to kill as much of his army as possible and maybe grab an objective or two.

Joe flubbed some reserve rolls so a good chunk of his army stayed off the board until a bit later in the game. When all was said and done, I just didn't have enough guys left to capture/contest enough objectives to pull it out. Joe and I were going back and forth at one another with plenty of jokes (most of them pretty crude), some good natured ribbing and whole ton of trash-talking. This was hands down my favorite game of the weekend, and one of the best 40k games I've played in a long time.

Next year, Joe... I'm gonna mop the floor with you! That's right, punk. I said it! ;)


The Rokkit City Rumble

Bella, heckling me for losing to SNOTLINGS!

Normally, on the night before The Kalm, George and his crew in Hunstville host a Blood Bowl tournament called the Rokkit City Rumble. Due to the extraordinary circumstances this year, the Blood Bowl 'tournament' consisted of 3 players, George, my friend Michael who made the trip with me from San Francisco, and myself.

How did I do?


I lost to Michael in the first round, fair and square. He was playing a Norse team, and while I did inflict a few casualties on his team, he did manage to score a touchdown in the final turn of the 2nd half. Good game, Michael.

George, on the hand, was one sneaky guy. He called dibs on playing the loser of the first round. It's his tournament, it's all for fun, and he was playing snotlings for crying out loud. Nobody gave him any flack for trying to hedge his bets.

We sit down to play, and by this time I'm pretty wasted. I'd been drinking Jameson Whiskey for the better part of the day, but I was still coherent enough to play Blood Bowl and figure out out the 'trick' of George's snotling team. For those of you that play Blood Bowl, here's the tactic:

The little blighters can dodge out of tackle zones on a 2+ with a re-roll, and his Halfling Chef means I had lost all of my team re-rolls. By making damn sure none of his guys were in enemy tackle zones at the end of his turn, he was making sure that I could only kill one snotling per turn, at most, since I can only make one blitz per turn. Sneaky trick... and I was on to him.

George, realizing that I was on to him even in my current state, needed to stack the deck in his favor even more if he was going to stand a chance.

He says to me "Hey, whatcha drinking there?"

"Jameson", was my response.

"Well polish that off and try some of this."

I slug down the rest of my whiskey, probably and inch or so in the bottom of my cup. George then pours me a glass of something from a black bottle.

"Hey George, what is that?"

"Don't worry about it."

Bad sign. I sneak a peek at the bottle...

Absinthe. This stuff.

Things did not end well. By the end of the game, I had lost 2-0 to SNOTLINGS!!!

In my defense, my team is painted like the 49ers, and I could hardly see because George poisoned me! I owe you big time for that one buddy!

My friend Paul and I were definitely the worse for wear from our alcoholic escapades. We were up very late, taking turns hurling our guts up in the downstairs bathroom. The next day would prove interesting to say the very least.


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