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Converted Wartrukk

The stock GW Wartrukk model always struck me as a bit weedy. The thing is a holdover from the old GorkaMorka days, when the Ork figures themselves were considerably smaller. While I love the idea of Trukkboyz (a bunch of crazed loonies riding into battle aboard some ramshackle jalopy), I felt the Trukk itself needed some "beefing up".

I wanted the Trukk to be recognizable and "tournament-legal", so I used a stock GW Wartrukk as the basis for the model. From there I decided to make it much more formidable, a Trukk to be feared instead of ridiculed.


As you can see from the first picture. The first thing I did was get ahold of some bigger tires. These are from some generic, 'el cheapo' monster truck toys I found in a department store over the holidays.

After the tires, I decided I needed to widen the crew area. I moved the fenders out a bit to accomodate a full-size driver and gunner. The weedy models that come with the stock kit aren't much bigger than grotz.

Once I was happy with the crew, it was time to get the passenger compartment in order.

Now, the bed of the stock trukk kit is lucky to able to hold 3 boyz, and one will inevitably fall out the back because the trukk doesn't come with a tailgate.

I extended the bed using peices from a second Wartrukk (gotta love eBay), and added a tailgate made from the top hatch of a Rhino kit.

Now the bed can hold 6 Orks easily without any falling out.

About this time the trukk was largely complete other than a few minor details like battle damage, and some gubbins.


My trukk side-by-side with the weedy stock wartrukk. Which would you rather ride in?

I made sure to detail the undercarriage as well. Ork vehicles have the armor of a coke can and tend to spend a lot of time as smoking wrecks on the battlefiled. I figured it would be best to have this 'often-seen' part of vehicle look nice too.