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Scratch-built Wartrukk

After modifying a GW Wartrukk, I decided to try my hand a building one from the ground up.


This Trukk is intended for use as a ride for 'Da Bosses'. Dokta Chop and his Cyborks generally use this thing when they take to the field.

Since Cyborks tend be heavier than normal boyz, I needed something tougher and with a greater carrying capacity than the Trukkboyz ride. Hence the 6-wheeled design.



Using the same monster truck tires I used for the Trukkboyz ride, I set about making a chassis from plastic I-beams and plasticard. I wanted a shape similar to the standard GW trukk but with a few subtle differences.

The front armor plate and fenders are much sturdier than the standard GW trukk.

I made the bed of the trukk longer and wider than a standard trukk to accomodate models with larger bases. I model my HQs and Nobs on 40mm bases and they need someplace to sit.

After getting the basic design down I started with the details. I used window screen to give the bed of the trukk a metal grate texture and used thin strips of plasticard for suppurt struts.

Many of the rivets you see in these W.I.P. shots are actually structural. They are short peices of paperclip that have been inserted into holes drilled through the body and chassis of the trukk.

At this point I added a driver and the multi-rocket launcher thing from the chaos vehicle sprue. After adding a few gubbinz and some battle damage, the model was ready for painting.