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Speed Freeks - started on 10/30/18

In late Orktober of 2018, the folks at Games Workshop finally saw fit to grace Ork players with some new buggy models. The first to be released were part of the Speed Freeks boxed set, a standalone game along the same lines as GorkaMorka back in the day.

The game pits gangs of Orks against each other in a race across a scrap-strewn desert wasteland. While the rules do look fun, the big selling point for me are the new ork vehicle models.

Now... As cool as the new vehicles are, you all know that 'ol Irondog can't field them as purely stock models.

They need a bit of tweaking...

The Models

The first model up on the workbench is the Shokkjump Dragsta.

The Dragtsa is definitely snazzy lookin'. It's got massive exhaust pipes, a killer spoiler, and a nasty buzzsaw contraption on the front to chew up whoever gets hit by the thing.

But look at how low to the ground it is! It couldn't drive over somebody's foot without bottoming out. And with tires that smooth... where ya gonna get any traction?

That simply will not do...



Ahhhh, much better.

Now the thing looks like an Ork would drive it. "Over the river, and through the woods... and straight through grandma's front door!"

I raised the suspension to give it better ground clearance, and replaced the racing slicks with the rubber off-road tires you see on the rest of my Ork vehicles. I still have to work on the suspension a bit, but you can see where I'm going with it.

Now it looks more like the sand rail buggies that used to compete in the Baja 1000.

I've reworked the chassis on the Dragsta and added some paint to it as well.

I have to say, I'm not a fan of the colored plastic on the models from the Speed Freeks set. The yellow particularly washes out the colors when taking paictures (as you can see from the above shots) and also makes it hard to see details when your eyes are getting as old as mine.

Here's a shot from the other side.

You can see where I've reworked the front suspension so that I could actually add an axle for the front tires. You guys know me by now. I HAD to make the thing be able to roll!

Here's a shot from the rear showing the shock absorbers and the rear axle.

Next step for this bad boy will be some more paint, but first I had to start conversion work on another one oif the new Ork vehicles...

Ahhhhhh, much better. Back to grey plastic.

This is the Megatrakk Skrapjet in it's stock configuration. I like the look of this thing. There's just something cool about wrecking a Dakkajet, then strapping some wheels and tracks on it to go tearing around the battlefield chewing things up.

But as much as I like it, it's needs a little something different...

There we go!

The front of the Skrapjet didn't look quite menacing enough in my opinion, so I swapped the tracks to the front and added some massive tires to the back.

Now, anybody who gets anywhere near the front of this thing will either get ground up by the nose drill, skewered by the multitude of spikes and blades, or get mulched by the spiked tracks.

I've got some work to do to get the suspension sorted, but the basic stance of the vehicle is pretty much set.

I've added some inner hubs to the road wheels on the front of the track units, along with struts to support them.

It was a little fiddly getting them to fit and support the tracks at the proper angle, but I solved the issue by pinning the upper mount of the strut to the fuselage with 1/16" copper rod.

Here's a shot from the other side...

... and one from the front, showing the business end of that choppy goodness.

Woe to the poor bastard that gets caught in front of this thing.

Next up is some paint...


Here's the Shokkjump Dragsta rocking the red paint, complete with a flame job on the front and rear spoilers



A shot from the other side, showing the driver in his leather racing suit as well as the squig gunner.



A shot from the side rear



A shot from the opposite side rear.



It's kinda tough to see, but since the squig is the one wired into the gun, I figure he does the shooting.

since we're now left with a grot sitting in the cockpit, holding what looks to be an old-skool joystick from the Atari2600 (I'm dating myself here)...

... I just HAD to have the little guy playing Pac Man.



And here we have the Skrapjet. LOVE this thing.

A shot from the opposite side.

From the side rear...

... and the opposite side rear

And in case you missed it above, a close-up of the targeting screen.

Recognize it?

What about if the color scheme were red and yellow, instead of the green and yellow I painted?

That's right... it's the targeting computer from an X-Wing fighter in the original Star Wars.

To Be Continued...