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Space Hulk Table - project started on 3/15/11

I've been a fan of the Space Hulk game since it first came out back in '89. I also own the new and improved version of the game which was released in '09. In fact, I have multiple copies of the new version. As many times as I've played the game, I've always wanted a full sized, 3-D Space Hulk table for games of 40k.

Back in February, the guys at A Gentleman's Ones held a raffle to win the Sin of Alacrity!

For those of you who may not be aware, the Sin of Alacrity is full sized Space Hulk table for 40k, built several years ago by Vomitomaton over at Parasitic Studios.

I've been a fan of Parasitic Studios' body of work for years. Hell, I've had a link to the site on my Links page since I first launched IRONDOG Studios.

I've loved the Sin of Alacrity since I first saw it. The idea of winning this thing for a minimal investment was too good to pass up.

Well, on March 15th they chose the winner and it wasn't me. :(

Since I didn't win the original, I'm taking matters into my own hands. I've busted out the power tools and started building my own Space Hulk table, using the "original Sin" (sorry, bad joke) as inspiration.

Initial Design Stage

The first step in this whole process is to do a bit of experimenting, kind of a 'proof of concept' type of thing.

I tinkered around with a few ideas and finally decided on using 1/4" MDF board as the base and 3/4" thick pine for the walls.

This basic room is 16" square, with walls that are 3" tall. The doorways are in the center of the wall, and are 4" wide.


Next up is a corridor section. It is 16" long by 8" wide, and the walls are 3" tall, the same height as the room walls.

By using a base length of 16" for the rooms and/or corridor sections, I can line them up 3 wide and it will add up to 4 feet, the width of a standard 40k table.


I'm building these thing pretty tough. Each wall section is held in place by glue and at least 2 wood screws per section of wall. They shouldn't be coming apart anytime soon.



The corners on all the rooms use miter joints cut with a miter saw. Once the walls are lined up and glued, I run a wood screw in each side of the corner joint to strengthen it.



Here are some of my Orks testing out the room and corrider section.

So far so good.



The hieght of the walls is just about right. It provides plenty of space for detailing, while not impeding a player's ability to move his models.

Well, I guess that about concludes the experimental stage of the project. Time to add some gubbinz to those blank walls and floors and start building some more rooms.

Update 9/28/12

Wow! It's been a little while since I worked on this thing.

As you can see, I've made a fair bit of progress. I've pretty much finished the basic construction of all the rooms needed for a 6'x4' table.

There are a total of 7 rooms, and 10 corridors in various configurations. I'll be building a few more rooms and possibly a couple of corridors at some point, but first I'll need more lumber.

I've also started on a bit of the detail work on a few of the peices.

The flooring is made from "granny grating", i.e. plastic mesh used for knitting that you can find in just about any craft store. The stuff comes in sheets and lays flat, perfect for making a convincing starship deck.

An Imperial Fists fire team on a sweep through the Hulk.

If you're expecting trouble, there's nothing quite like bringing along a Dreadnought for backup.

Grey Knights poking around, looking for Chaos baddies.

Ok. Enough of the glamour shots. Time to get some more detail work done on these before I can paint them.

To be Continued...