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Boarding Planks - project finished on 9/28/2010

By now, many of you are probably pretty familiar with my converted Wartrukks.

These babies have been around for quite a while and are based on the old Gorkmorka style Trukk, just jacked up on monster trukk tires so they don't look so weedy.

Recently, I've been playing around with some of the options available to Trukks, Boarding Planks in particular. These little upgrades allow an embarked Ork to hang off the side of a speeding Trukk and take a swipe at an enemy vehicle, without ever having to set foot on the ground.

With all the fun I've been having with these things, I figure it's time to actually build some for my Trukks. After all, when you head to a tournament, folks like your stuff to be WYSIWYG.

Design and Construction

Here's the Boarding Plank assembly for the first Trukk. I figured since the Trukks are 'Gorkamorka' style, the planks should be kinda retro looking as well.

Instead of the dual planks on either side, like the new Watrukk model, I went for the old 'swivel mount' like the Gorkamorka Trukks used to have back in the day.

Here's the plank for the second Trukk, using the same style.

Here are all the bits for the plank assemblies. The mounting plates are design to fit perfectly in the bed of each trukk, with slots and grooves to help keep them in place.

The boarding planks themselves are interchangeable between the two Trukks, and actually pivot in the swivel joint.

Now it's time to paint these things up...

Here are the plank assemblies all painted up and ready to put into the Trukks.

Trukk 1 with the boarding plank assembly in place.

Trukk 1 from the rear

And here's Trukk 2 from the front...

... and the rear.