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Da MONSTA Trukk - project started on 2/3/12

As if I didn't have enough big-wheeled vehicles in my Ork Army, I've now decided that I need yet another Battlewagon. It's now to the point when playing my Orks, that the over-the-top behemoths like Da BIG Trukk and Tork's Wrecka look almost 'normal' to me...

... It's time to up the ante.

Concept and Construction

As with all my Ork vehicles, I start with a solid chassis and build from there. The tires are from a Hot Wheels Monster Truck I picked up at Target.

I wanted a two-wheeled design for this guy, kind like a modern day monster truck like Bigfoot.

Here's a shot of the basic design concept. I've got the basic structure of the cab and passenger compartment laid out, with a Shoota Boy for scale.

The body is sitting on old paint caps at the moment so I can get a feel for how tall I want this thing. I'll probably jack up the body even more to make this thing truly ridiculous. :)

Here it is next to Da BIG Trukk.

To be Continued...