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Da Mareenz - project started on 4/6/2012


While digging through some of my old models, I came these guys that had a good 5+ years of dust on them. They're a mob of Lootaz armed with Shootaz and Plasma Cannons from back in the days of the old codex.

While the orks with the looted weapons are going to be part of my new mob of Lootaz, I needed to somehow repurpose the guys armed with Shootaz.

They've got looted bits of Space Marine armor, including the backpacks, so it ocurred to me...

... they would make a pretty good mob of 'Ard Boyz who are pretending to be Space Marines.

The 'Originals'

Here are the original guys with Shootaz, Now I just need to bulk up the mob to a full 10 Boyz. I'll also need a Nob to act as 'Da Sarge' and a Heavy Bolter Boy who will count as armed with a Big Shoota.

Then I'll need to give the a suitable ride...

... like a Rhino witha souped-up engine and the doors ripped of so it can count as a Wartrukk

Assembling some new 'Recruits'

I've bulked up the mob to a total of 8 Boyz with Shootaz.

Now all I need is the Nob and the Heavy Bolter Boy...

...and the Looted Rhino of course :)

To be Continued...