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Looted Wagon - project started on 6/21/10

I've been wanting to build a Looted Wagon for a while now, ever since the recent Ork Codex was released. While they may not be the most effective vehicles in the Ork arsenal, Looted Wagons offer a lot of conversion possibilities.

Concept and Construction

I started with the basic Leman Russ chassis. Being one of the most ubiquitous tanks on the battlefields of the 41st millenium, they are a logical choice for an Ork conversion.

Much like Da BIG Tank (see on my Ork Profile page), the first thing that needs some beefing up is the tracks.

The tracks on a stock Russ are pretty weedy in my opinion, but I wanted to go a different route than the one I used on Da BIG Tank...

... so I cooked up some resin track plates that can be glued directly over the existing tracks of the Leman Russ.

They look a lot more menacing than the stock tracks. They will also fit on pretty much any Imperial Guard vehicle using either the Lemna Russ or Chimera chassis.

Here's another view of the tracks from the top.

I'll be getting these babies up as a conversion kit in the online store soon.

Update 1/10/11

Sheesh. Been awhile since I've worked on this thing. Ah well, better late than never.

I decided to get rid of the Lascannon on the front of the tank and replace it with a driver's compartment.

I figure since the front armor of Looted Wagon is garbage, it should look like it's been compromised. I've also added a Big Shoota where the old driver's window used to be.

To be Continued...