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Lootaz - project started on 4/6/2012


These guys have had a good 5+ years of dust on them. I figured it was about time I updated them for the new codex.

The 'Originals'

Back in the day, a mob of Lootaz numbered 5-10 Boyz who could 'loot' the weapon options of different squads from either the Space Marines or the Imperial Guard.

One of my favorites was to loot the Plasma Cannons from a Space Marine Devastator Squad.

The main drawback of Lootaz was that if you rolled '1' to hit, you scored a hit on your own unit. Combine that with the 'Gets Hot' rule from the Plasma Cannons, and the whole unit would evaporate in a mushroom cload of plasma if you rolled poorly.

They may not have been very effective, but Plasma Lootaz were downright hilarious!

Sadly, actual looted weapons are now a thing of the past. These days, Lootaz are armed with a generic Deffgun. While it's a pretty good weapon stat-wise, I don't much care for the stock GW models with their 'weapon cage/harness' look. I'd rather have my trusty old Boyz with looted Space Marine weapons.

The first step in updating the mob is to get rid of the Shoota-armed Boyz and start making some more Boyz toting the heavy artillery. The shoota-armed Boyz won't go to waste, check out 'Da Mareenz' project log to see how I'm using them.

Assembling some new 'Recruits'

Here are a couple of new Lootaz, complete with custom weapons looted from other GW kits.

The guy on the left is armed with a sawed-off Autocannon from an Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon Team and the ammo pack from an Assault on Black Reach big shoota boy..

The guy on the right has a Space Marine Lascannon. The stock cables from the Lascannon don't fit the ork physique very well, so I had to replace them with some wire.

Up next will be more recruits.

Update 4/20/12

Three more Lootaz with scrounged Lascannons, again with the wire replacing the stock plastic cables.


Two more Lootaz, one with a Heavy Bolter and the other with an IG Autocannon.

The Heavy Bolter was a royal pain in the butt, since the ammo feed is not easilt repositioned like the cables on Lascannons and Plamsa Cannons.


For the next two Lootaz, I used the stock weapons that come in the GW set, just in a different way. The whole 'weapon cage/harness' look for the Lootas doesn't appel to me at all, the weapons themselves are actually kinda neat.

So I used the weapon arms, and took the ammo/power pack pieces from the cage and made them into backpacks for the models.



Here is the whole mob as it stands right now. The mob numbers 13 Lootaz, which is respectable. At some point, I'll probably convert another 2 Lootaz to bring the mob to full size, but for now it's time to get some paint on these guys

To be Continued...