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Deff Dread and Killa Kanz - project completed on 2/25/10

The gang at my local game store hooked me up with the new plastic Deff Dread and Killa Kan kits for the Orks... two weeks before the release date. I'm going to crank out the models for the store to use as a display. Once the release date arrives... these babies are mine to keep.

Not a bad deal.

Concept and Construction

Here's the box for the Deff Dread...

... and the Killa Kanz.

Here's the Deff Dread all put together. I opted to go for the 4-armed close combat monstrosity since he looks the most menacing.

Here is the Killa Kan mob. I magnetized the weapon arms so I can swap them out once the models are mine.

The kit only comes with one weapon of each type, which is kind of a bummer in my opinion.

These guys will getting some kustom resin gunz in the future.

Completed Models

Here are the Killa Kanz, all painted up and good to go.

The resin guz will come at a later stage. For now, they're headed to the display case at my local game store.

Here's the Dread. This guy was a blast to paint. He just looks so damn menacing.

GW got this one perfect in my opinion.

Here's the back of the Dread.

I love the way the engines are set at angle to one another. Kind of like a V-8 turned on it's side.

And for those of you who may be wondering how big this guy is...

Here he is standing next to a Space Marine Dreadnought.

Awwww, so small.... ain't he cute?