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Grey Knights - project completed on 3/25/11

In 2009-2010, I painted a Crimson Fists army as part of theTale of 40k Painters thread over on Warseer. The idea is for participants to paint a 2000 point army over the course of a year. I had always wanted a Crimson Fists army since way back in the days of Rogue Trader. Well, this year I decided to join the Tale again, mostly because it helps me devote some time to my own projects amidst my commission work.

Back in 2003, the guys at GW released the Deamonhunters Codex, along with updated models for the Grey Knights. In my opinion, these are still some of the best models in the entire Games Workshop range. In early 2011, the Deamonhunters are due for another update, both to their codex and models. The new guys will likely be in plastic and should be pretty impressive.

However, I've got a bunch of really cool metal guys in need of paint and if I get started now, I'll have a decent amount painted stuff when the new book is released so I can get playing that much sooner. Off we go...

Army Progress

Here are the first few models I've painted for the army. At the moment it's only about 200 points worth of guys. A justicar and 5 Grey Knights in power armor, one of which is armed with a Psycannon.

I love the look of these guys and can't wait to field a full army of them, with vehicles, dreadnoughts, the works.

Here's a close-up of the Justicar, the Grey Knights version of a Sergeant.

And here he is from the back.

Next up will be some more guys to fill out this first squad, as well as a step-by-step tutorial on how I painted them.

Update 2/03/11:

This month I've painted up some more Grey Knights to fill out the first squad.

It's 4 guys in power armor, with one guy carrying a psycannon.



Here's a shot of the squad.

For those of you that may be interested, I've cooked up a 'How To' on Painting Grey Knights in my Tutotrials section.



I also figured it was about time to paint up a heavy hitter. No army is complete with out an HQ choice, and the Grey Knights have a real beast in the form of a Grand Master.

I just love this guy. In fact, this model alone is why I bought the Grey Knights in the first place!



A here's a shot of the army, such as it is.

The crazy thing about Grey Knights is how damn expensive they are in terms of points. This tiny little collection of minatures, 11 models total, weighs in at 470 points! And that's before you even start giving them wargear!



Update 3/23/11:

Hehe, look what ol' Irondog got his grubby hands on before it's official release date.

That's right folks, the Grey Knights Nemesis Dreadknight.




Sorry, no pics of just grey plastic, I've got to get this thing painted up for the display cabinet in my local store ASAP, so I got right to painting.

Here's a W.I.P. shot of this beast. The thing is absolutely huge!

How big?



That's how big!

The thing makes a Dreadnought look like a wuss!

I should have some pictures of the fully painted model up within the next few days.



Update 3/25/11:

Here's the Dreadknight all painted up and ready for the tabletop... or at least the display case of my local game store for the next couple of weeks :)




Here's a shot from the back.

The stock base of the model is pretty bland, since it's just the same big oval base that comes with other kits like the Trygon or the Valkyrie.

I added some slate to raise one of the feet a bit above the surface and added a small skull and static grass to liven things up a bit, without detracting from the model.



The stock pose of the legs is very static. I had to bend the attachment points of the chassis legs to get a wider stance and then cut the hip joints of the pilot's legs to match them to the chassis.

The arms on the model are very poseable, having a ball joint at the shoulder. The pilot's shoulders, however, are the standard "flat-plate" attachment style of any Space Marine Terminator. I drilled into the shoulders and torso of the pilot and used copper wire to pose the arms in a more dynamic way to match the chassis of the Dreadknight.

A close up shot of his pig sticker!



A here's the army shot.

As soon as the Codex is officially released, I have to adjust the point totals of the army.

I'll probably be doing a couple of arm swaps on some of the power armor guys as well.


The 'new army syndrome' wore off on these guys and I sold them off on eBay.