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Gorkanaut - project started on 9/4/14

With the release of the new Ork codex, there are a few new kits out as well. One of these kits is for a massive new walker, which can be built in one of two ways; either as a Gorkanaut or a Morkanaut, depending on which playstyle you prefer. The Gorkanaut is a massive beat-stick, and about a subtle as a sledgehammer. The Morkanaut, while not directly as brutal as the Gorkanaut, provides you with a few more tactical options, like a Kustom Force Field bubble to protect itself as well as nearby units.

As much as I like the idea of massive Ork walkers (I am the Tater Titan guy, after all), I'm not really thrilled with actual model for the Gorka/Morkanaut. While it's got some cool pieces, I think the whole, as built by GW, is definitely less than the sum of it's parts.

Have a look below to see how I am going to remedy the situation.

The "Stock" Model

Here is how the model looks when assembled according to the directions. The pieces are put together very loosely, so I can take it apart as needed to modify the design.

As you can see, some of the parts are really cool.

I love the claw arm, as well as the legs and head. The gun arm also has potential, but I left the weapon bits out in this shot as I intend to magnetize it.

Overall, the model look entirely too static to me. That big ridiculous belly looks like it would hinder any kind of mobility.

Call me crazy, but I like my walkers to look like they can actually walk!

The legs, while cool looking, are positioned way too high and far back to be able to lift that enormous belly compartment off the ground.

Assembly and Conversion

First up, that belly has to go.

I've got an idea for an Ork project involving that piece...

... but for now, I'm slicing that off right in front of the hip joint.

I will then be repositioning the legs and the upper body piece to create a more dynamic stance.


Ahhhhh! That's much better!

The lower body piece that I removed from the belly in the previous step has now become a 'waist' assembly, where the legs can be rotated and posed however I see fit.

I inserted a length of 1/16" brass rod into the standing leg and bent it to shape so the model will balance on one foot for some nice stomping action.

The upper body has bee rotated forward and mounted above the waist assembly to create a more dynamic pose.


From the back, you can see how I've filled in the rear are of the waist with plasticard. I've also used a length of 1/2" PVC pipe to act as a "spine" of sorts to support the upper body.

I'll be adding a lot of detail into the empty areas between the upper and lower body. I'll also be adding extra bits to the back of the upper and lower body sections to increase the detail level, but for now I think this initial stance test is pretty successful.

As for the front... well, I'll be making a face for this guy, complete with a glowing eye and an iron gob.

Up next will probably be some detail work, as well as working on magnetizing the gun arm.

To be Continued...