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Dokta Chop - project finished on 6/11/09

When you really need to open a can of 'whoop-ass' on your opponent, there isn't much that can beat a mob o' Nobz. They can lay down an impressive amount of death and mayhem, and are therefore usually near the top of your opponent's "kill-it" list. In order to survive the rain of firepower that will no doubt be levelled in their direction, they need a bit of help.


Dokta Chop is my version of a Painboy, the Orks' excuse for a medic. His methods may be a bit crude, but they're very effective.

The official GW model for a Painboy is a bit weedy in my opinion. I figure if a model is going to have a Nob's statline, it damn well better look the part.



I started with the body of one of the Nobs from the Assault on Black Reach set.

Painboys love 'eksperimentin', and since I plan on the entire mob having cybork bodies, this guy's going to need some bionik limbs so he'll fit in with the rest of the gang.

...so off with 'is leg!

Building bionik limbs from scratch is always a tricky endeavor. The pieces are usually pretty dinky and you often glue them to your fingers.

I started with a flamer from the Space Marine command sprue and cut it into peices. The middle section will make a great lower leg.

In the bottom left corner of the picture, I trimmed down the foot from the amputated leg and added a length of styrene rod to act as an ankle joint.


Here you can see the leg in place with the flamer bit as the lower leg.

The knee and ankle joints, as well as the long 'bones' in the foot are made from styrene rod.

The toes are bolts shaved off a choppa.

The thigh is a length of brass tubing that is sunk into pre-drilled holes in the knee joint and the hip. It still needs some 'gubbinizing' as it looks a bit plain.

Here is the bionik leg from the other side.

Once the 'thigh' area gets some more detailing, I'll be using green stuff to smooth the transition from hip to leg. I'm thinking about just having the leg of his pants hanging in tatters over the bionik limb.

We'll see how it goes


Here you can see the beginnings of some of my greenstuff work.

I made the tattered pant leg to cover the hip joint.

I also converted the arm to be holding a 'urty syringe instead of the stock slugga.

I lowered the angle of the arm and rebuilt the shoulder using greenstuff.


Here he is from the front. I used greenstuff to continue the vein on his bicep.

I also came up with an idea for his "doc's toolz"...

... a big ass meat cleaver!

He ain't called Dokta Chop for nuthin'


Here's his ugly mug, complete with a bionic eye and iron gob.

I've also started on the beginnings of an apron.


Here's the Dok largely completed.

I made a cannister of goo for his 'urty syringe from a burna boy backpack turned on it's side.

I had to green stuff the gaps in the backpack and I also added a boss pole for looks.


Here's a side shot of the backpack, showing the piece of wire I used as a supply line for the syringe.


A shot from the other side.

Jeez that cleaver is big.


Well I guess that's pretty much it for the construction phase.

Time to slap some paint on this bad boy.



Here he is all painted up and ready for the tabletop. I particularly like the way the 'Urty Syringe came out.


Here he is from the back. Nothing like a little injection of nuclear waste to fix you right up :-)