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Dakkajet - finished on 3/22/2013


The new Ork flyer is a really cool model. I just had to have one of these in my army...

... but I couldn't leave in completely stock, now could I?

Assembly / Conversion

The Ork Flyer kit contains all the bits neccessary to build any of the various designs available to the Orks.

Of all the variants, I think the Dakkajet is probably the most efficient in terms of tabletop performance.

Besides, the thing just rains bullets and what Ork wouldn't love that?!

I used the wing configuration from the Blitza-Bommer variant because it has the largest wingspan. It also allows me to mount all three sets of supa-shootas on the leading edge of the wings, since I'm not a huge fan of the 'chin mounted' guns on the stock Dakkajet.

I also mounted the twin-gun grot turret behind the pilot's seat. While it dopesn't have any in-game effect, I think it adds to the 'trigger happy' feel of the plane.

The stock pilot that comes with the kit is pretty lame in my opinion. Not only are most of the heads a little 'meh', the body and arms are a bit weedy as well. I'm guessing they had to scale down the pilot a bit to get him to fit with the scale of the plane.

That just wouldn't do...

... so I converted my own to be flying the plane with his right hand, while firing a slugga with his left and holding a stikkbomb in his teeth. You can never have too much dakka :)

I used the driver from the Ork Wartrukk as a base model to work from, added a slugga arm from an Assault on Black Reach Slugga Boy, and the head from the Stormboy Nob.

Once I posed the model to where it would fit in the cockpit, I used greenstuff to sculpt a bommer jacket on him.

Now he looks deranged enough to be an Ork Flyboy :)

At this point, I think we're about ready for some primer and paint.


Update 1/14/13

Here's a painting-in-progress shot of the Dakkajet.

I've got the silver metallics pretty much all ironed out, using a drybrush of the old Boltgun Metal over a black primer coat.

The red armor panels are done using 2 coats of the new Mephiston Red to get an even tone.

The "checker and flame" job you see on the wing will be repeated on the other side as well. It's kind of a nostalgic look seen in late 2nd and early 3rd edition for Ork Fighta-Bommaz.

I haven't quite ironed out what I'm going to do as far as symbols and iconography yet. I'll probably do some kind of 'flaming skull' on the tail.

We'll see...

Update 3/11/13

I've pretty much finished painting the Dakkajet.

All that's left to do is some weathering since the paint job is a bit too clean.

Scratches, dust and oil streaks, as well as some minor battle damage will definitely make this look more like an Ork plane :)


A shot from the other side...

... the left rear...


... and the right rear.

I'm particularly stoked with how the crew came out.


The custom bomber jacket on the pilot is still a little shiny from the washes.

That'll get sorted out when I apply the dullcoat.

The windshield is not glued in at this point. Spraying dullcoat would fog up the window, so I'll glue it in place after the fact.


Once last shot of the crew before I dirty their nice plane all to hell.


Update 3/22/13

I've finally completed painting the Dakkajet.

The dust, dirt, stains, streaks and damage are all on, as well as a coat of dullcoat lacquer.

Here's a shot from the other side...


... and the rear.


For the base I went with a barren desert scheme to match with the rest of my Ork army...

... but I couldn't resist throwing in a bit of red to tie the base to the plane. Those poor Blood Angels :)


Here's a close up of the crew. The windscreen has been glued in place using Micro Krystal Klear, which doesn't fog up the clear plastic like super glue.


One more shot of the crew.

Bag it an' tag it, boyz. This bird is done!