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Burna Boyz - project finished on 1/7/2011


I'd been meaning to work on these guys for a while, but other projects always seemed to get in the way. Now I've finally sat down and finished off this mob of crazed pyromaniacs.

The 'Originals'

Back in the days of the old codex, I used to run Burna-armed Orks in my Trukk Boy mobs. Now that option is no longer available so these guys have been warming the bench waiting for some new recruits.

Assembling the new 'Recruits'

Even though there is now a boxed set of plastic Burna Boyz, I wanted the 'new guys' to match the look and feel of my older conversions.

These guys use plastic parts from the boyz sprue, the heads from the old metal burna boyz models, and the metal skorchas from the old style Killa Kanz.

I bitz ordered all this stuff from GW back in the day.

Here they are from the back. The fuel tanks are bitz I had lying around and the hoses are just regular wire from Radio Shack.

Here are a few more, made from various bitz. You'll notice the guy on the left is sporting a helmet from the new plastic set. I broke down and bought one, mostly for parts and the Mek Boyz.

This mob will have a couple of Mek Boyz in it, armed with Kustom Mega Blastaz just in case they come across a tank.

Here they are from the back, The guy on the left is using fuel tanks from the new plastic set as well.


Here are a few of the Burna Boyz, all painted up and ready for the tabletop. Each Boy has a catchy slogan or phrase painted acroos the tank of his burna.

In this shot we have 'SFFD' (that's the San Francisco Fire Dept.), 'Zippo', 'Burny Deff' and 'Need a lite?'

Next up we have 'Toast Em' and 'Roast Em', along with 'EZ Bake' and 'Hot Stuf'

Just for giggles I decided to include a couple of Mek Boyz in the mob as well. I had the models left over from the Lootas box, and I really like the look of them.

They add a lot of character to the mob... who cares how effective they may or may not be on the battlefield.

Completed Mob

Here's a shot of the full mob, all ready to go.

Time to go make some folks 'do the burny dance' :)