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Cutaway Stompa - project started on 3/08/2009

With the release of the 'official' Stompa model, there is a flurry of activity around the world as Ork players build their massive orky contraptions.

Even before the model was released, I knew I didn't want to build it as a 'stock' kit. Heck, just by looking around at the rest of my stuff you can see I have to tinker with damn near everything in some way. I knew I wanted to do something different, I just wasn't sure what...

Concept and Construction

This poster included in White Dwarf 350 made up my mind for me.

I was laughing myself to tears at all the little grots. The one trying to use the toilet and carrying a stick of dynamite in his teeth to take care of the face-eater squigs is priceless.

I knew as soon as I saw this poster that I would have to make my Stompa with a full interior diorama, complete with grots, gears, mekboys, ammo, the works.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

I'm 100%, batshit crazy for trying something like this. This is likely to be a HUGE pain in the butt!

But hey, chopping apart a Mr. Potato Head to make the Tater Titan was no walk in the park.

This project is likely going to take me a looooooong time, and like the Tater Titan, I'm only going to work on it when inspiration strikes. I'm not going to rush things and potentially screw it up.

I've started working on the hull of the Stompa.

I had to cut some holes in the 'floor' to make space for the worky bitz on the legs.

The holes are long and rectangular to allow for the walking motion of the legs under the hull.

It's very slow going because I'm having to look at the directions (which aren't all that great to begin with) and improvise based on what I've got planned for the interiors.


To be continued...