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Ultramarines - project finished on 1/1/15

If you've looked through this website for any length of time, it's pretty obvious I've been into this hobby for a very looooong time. When you get as long in the tusk as I am, you start to reminisce about the "good old days"

The more I play 6th edition 40k, I'm starting to look back at the changes in the game over the years. The wackiness and extra flavor of 6th edition feel a lot more like 2nd edition than any of the editions in what I like to call the "streamlined era" of 3rd through 5th. Thankfully, 6th has a much tighter rule set than 2nd edition, and hopefully won't have as many of the seriously overpowered rules loopholes.

Now that the Marine Codex is out for 6th edition, I'm feeling the need to build a Space Marine army. Not sure why, I just do.

Since 6th feels a lot like 2nd edition to me, I'll be going for a nostalgic feel to the models. The Ultramarines are going to be my chapter of choice, but I'm painting them in the old 2nd edition style as seen on the left.

The red weapon casings, back banners, and bright yellow shoulder trims were a very striking look back in the day, and I'll be attempting to emulate that on this army.


If any of this is sounding familiar to you, it's because I did a similar thing back in 2009 with my Crimson Fists army. The folks over at Warseer are doing another Tale of 40k Painters thread this year, where you paint a certain amount every month to get an entire army completed over the course of a year. I've been having trouble getting my own projects done lately. Since joining the Tale helped me get the Crimson Fists painted, why not try it again :)

Since starting this project, I gained another motivation for building this army. My friend and fellow gamer, Erich Hasstedt, passed away in October 2013. One of the armies he played, and whooped my ass with on several occaisions, were the Ultramarines. You can see a few of those battles in my Battle Reports section. He never finished painting his army before he passed.

In honor of your memory, Erich, I'm painting this army for you. Safe travels, buddy. May the wind be always at your back...

Army Progress

Here is the first Tactical Squad armed with bolters, a plasmagun, and a Lascannon. The Veteran Sergeant is armed with a chainsword and Plasma Pistol.

I'm really happy with how they turned out. Hopefully for next month's update, I'll have a step-by-step tutorial ready on how I painted them.


Here's a close-up of the Sarge and the Special Weapon guys

Here are a few of the rank and file Tactical Marines.

Up next will probably be an HQ choice of some type. That way I can start playing some games using them as allies to my Crimson Fists.

Update 12/23/13

One of the good things about a project like this is that I get to breath new life into some models that have been hanging around my workshop for waaaaaay too long.

Some of the models in this Tactical Squad date back 10 years. This will be the next bunch of 'grunts' that I paint up... but first I'm going to paint somebody to lead them.

The first HQ model for this army is Tigurius. I went with the old school metal sculpt of this guy for a couple of reasons.

First, the current model doesn't do much for me, and second...

... I can't stand finecast!

Expect more Tactical Marines in January.

Update 1/2/14

I've finished up the conversion work on the Devastator Squad.

I've always been a big fan of the armored leg greaves on the old 2nd ed. Devastator models, so I decided to emulate that on these guys.

If any of you are interested in making your own, I even made a Tutorial.

I'm coming down the home stretch on the next Tactical Squad, I should have some pictures within the next few days.

Update 1/8/14

Here's the second Tactical Squad all painted up and ready for the tabletop.

They are armed with bolters, a plasmagun, and a Missile Launcher. The Veteran Sergeant is armed with a combi-plasma and a chainsword


Here's the Transport for these guys. I modelled it so it can be used as either a Rhino...

... or a Razorback armed with a twin-linked Lascannon.

The Rhino/Razorback from the other side.

And finally a 'glamor shot' of the army as it stands now.

With an HQ and 2 Troops, it's legal for the tabletop in 40k.

Next up will be a unit of Terminators...

Update 1/22/14

The 'shooty' Terminators, armed with Storm Bolters, Powerfists, an Assault Cannon.

For the Sarge's power sword, I went with green instead of the traditional red used back in 2nd edition, because I wanted it to stand out a bit more. The red as a bit to close to the color scheme I used on the chainswords in the Tactical Squads.


The glamor shot of the army as it stands at the moment, roughly 850 points.

I'm thinking maybe a Dreadnought will be coming down the pipeline next month...

Update 2/28/14

This month's entry into the army is a Dreadnought, again painted in 2nd edition style.

The weapon arms are magnetized so I can swap them out as needed, or to simulate 'Weapon Destroyed' results.

Yes, the banner is freehand...

... and yes, it did take longer than the rest of the Dreadnought :)


Another glamor shor of the army.

I'm closing in on 1000 points right now. Another couple of units, and these guys will be be about ready for a game.

Update 5/9/14

Whew! Been a couple months since I updated these guys.

Well, this month's addition is some serious firepower in the form a Devastator Squad.

These guys are armed with 3 Lascannons and a Plasma Cannon, with the Sarge scoping out potential targets on his heldheld signum, and directing fire.


Here's the army shot at this stage, a little over 1200 points.

After I build and paint another tank or two, I think it's time for a game.

Update 6/3/14

This month I've added another Rhino/Razorback transport to the army. The front plate is made from stock parts, the doors are Forgeworld.

I've painted the Rhino top hatch with the 'Tactical' arrow. I'll have to do another top hatch with the Heavy Support insignia on it if I'm going to use it for the Devastators.


Another army shot.

Next up will be a Predator Annihilator tank. You can never have too many Lascannons :)

Update 7/31/14

As if this army needed more Lascannons, now I've added a Predator Annihilator into the mix.

The front armor plate is from Forgeworld, are the icons on the side of the front fenders

Here's a shot from the other side...

... and one from the rear.

The communication array on the rear of the turret is made from a piece of a hunter killer missile and some steel wire.

Another army shot. This force is getting pretty respectable at this point.

Up next will probably be some Scouts.

Update 9/10/14

Adding to the rank and file of the army is a 10-man unit of Space Marine Scouts.

These guys are armed for close action, with bolt pistols, close comabt weapons, and a couple of shotguns.

The Sarge has a meltabomb strapped to his waist, just in case they run into something with armor.

The army is starting to come together.

After doing something 'light' this month, I'm feeling the need for something 'heavy' for next month.

I'm thinking maybe a Land Raider!

Update 10/24/14

This month I've added something really BIG to the Ultramarines...

... a Landraider with extra armor plating and -chapter-specific doors from Forgeworld.

Here it is from the back.

And another army shot.

Update 12/4/14

Since these guys are the 2nd Company, they need Captain Sicarius to lead them.

I'm not a big fan of the stock GW model of Sicarius. He's a bit too static for my taste.

So, I decided to convert my own using the plastic Space Marine Captain as a base model to work from.

And another army shot.

This force is just about done. Next up will be a Command Squad to keep Sicarius company, complete with a freehand standard bearer.

Looking forward to finishing this thing. I'm almost bleeding blue paint at this point :)

Update 1/1/15

Happy 2015!

I've finished up a Command Squad to accompany Sicarius into battle. These guys are armed with a couple of plasmaguns, and include an Apothecary and a Standard Bearer with a freehand Company Banner.

Yes... that banner was a pain in the butt. On the plus side, I took some WIP shots while I was painting it and turned them into into a step by step tutorial in the Tutorials section.

And the final army shot.

I'm happy enough with the amount of models that I can call this army "done"...

... for the moment anyway. I've got a few more models I want to add to it, but they'll have to wait until I can paint blue armor again without needing to be sedated :)