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Really BIG Gunz - finished on 1/23/2013


I've got an Apocalypse game coming up on Jan. 26th, 2013. This game is going to be a massive slugfest of armored vehicles... no foot troops allowed. While I've got plenty of Ork Walkers to throw down, most of my "Ork Wheelz" are of the transport variety. They're built for hauling Boyz into the fight, so they're not exactly "armed to da teef".

Well that's about to change...

Assembly / Conversion

Here's a work-in-progress shot of some of the BIG Gunz.

The two in the front are Kannons from Forgeworld that I've had laying around for a while.

In the back is a Supa Kannon, flanked by two Big Zappas, weapons seen in Imperial Armor 8: Raid on Kastorel Novem. The Big Zappa on the left is pretty much complete, but the other two still need some work.

Here are the Forgeworld Kannons sitting in the back of two of my Trukks, making them into Gun Trukks.

A Gun Trukk is just as flimsy and tempermental as a normal Trukk, except for being able to pack a serious punch. A glass sledgehammer if ever there was one.

Here are two Trukks mounting the Big Zappas in the back. A Big Zappa is basically a rapid fire Zap Gun, with a longer range

Once these guns and their mounts are finished and painted, they will look really cool.

I just hope they perform on the tabletop

For the Battlewagon, I'm building a Supa Kannon, which is the Ork version of the Earthshaker Cannon mounted on an Imperial Guard Basilisk.

I still need to finish the detail work on the breech block and gun mount, as well as building a gun shield.

So far, so good.

Update 1/17/13

Here's the other Big Zappa with the detail work finished.



A shot from the other side...

... and in the bed of the Trukk.


Here's the Supa Kannon, with the detail work complete.

The gun carriage is finished and the blast shield has been added.


I've also added a few more gubbins to bulk up the weapon a bit, like the cylinder on top of the gun barrel. It is the external hydraulic fuel resovoir for the recuperator cylinder on the underside of the gun barrel.

If none of that makes any sense, don't worry about it. On a modern artillery piece, recoil drives the barrel of the weapon back, and the recuperator cylinder is what moves the barrel back into firing position.


I also added a lever on the side of the gun carriage that is used for changing the elevation of the weapon.

I did a fair bit of research on artillery pieces while building this thing...

... and then used what I thought looked cool and 'Orky'


Here's the gun mounted in the back of the Battlewagon.


Another shot from the back.

Time to get some paint on these things, I've only got about a week until they need to be on the tabletop and blowing stuff away :)


Completed Models

Update 1/17/13

I've finished painting the Big Gunz.

Here's the Supa Kannon from the side...



... and the other side



Here are the Forgeworld Kannons...



... the Big Zappas...



... and the group shot of all the weapons.



Here are 4 Trukks and a Battlewagon from my Ork Army.

When I add the Big Gunz above to the back of these vehicles...



... we got some pretty mean looking Ork firepower.

We'll see how they do on the tabletop. I'll be adding some pictures of these things in action to my Battle Reports section soon.