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Death Guard - starter on 1/1/15

In 2015, the guys who ran Da Grand Waaagh tournament a few years ago invited me to play in an escalation campaign. The campaign will be revisiting the Eye of Terror worldwide campaign from back in the day, and will run over the course of the year, with game days every month or so. The idea of an escalation campaign is to start with small games and build up to larger games as the campaign progresses.

For those of you that may not be familiar with the Eye of Terror campaign, it was a worldwide campaign run by Games Workshop over the course of several months in the summer of 2003.

It detailed the events of Abaddon the Despoiler's 13th Black Crusade, an invasion into Imperila Space, launched by Chaos forces from the Eye of Terror.

The campaign involved players around the world, who would chose sides, either the Forces of Order or the Forces of Disorder, and play games against the opposing faction to decide the fates of the worlds surrounding the Eye of Terror.

The players would log their games on a website, complete with an interactive map, that would track the progress of the two factions. The campaign was a blast!

This time around, the campaign won't be anywhere near as large. Instead of thousands of players from around the globe, the player pool will be about a dozen or so guys from the Bay Area playing casual games, and using the campaign material as an excuse to build new armies, get in a few games, and stand around shooting the breeze with like-minded friends. My kind of event.

When asked to join, my response was "Tell me where you need me." I've got a $#*!-ton of models laying around in my garage and can make damn near any force required from either faction. In the end, the guys decided they needed more help on the 'bad guy' side of things, so I ended up on the side of Disorder.


I've got a bunch of old school Death Guard models from back in the days of Rogue Trader, that have been in need of paint for quite some time. I'll be testing partly-painted models in games while building this army to see how effective they are. Once they make the cut, they'll get their full "gang colors" and posted up here. Without further ado...

The Test Model

The first model I painted is one of the Death Guard guys from back in the hallowed antiquity of 40k.

I've got a good many Death Guard guys from this time period laying around, but not too many of the old school backpacks. I'll be making a mold of some of these long-out-of-print backpacks so I can cast my own in resin.

I went for a bone colored scheme with these guys, with green accents and a lot of rust streaks and corrosion.

So far, so good. With the test scheme worked out, it's time to get cranking.


Army Progress

The infantry guys are all metal, and I'm really happy with how they look, so there isn't much conversion needed.

The vehicles however really need to look worn out and corroded to fit with the whole "pestilence and decay" thing that the forces of Nurgle are known for.

Up first is a Rhino. I took a pin vice and a blade to the hull of this thing to scrathc and ding the model. You have to be careful when doing this. There's a fine line bewteen 'weathered' and 'ruined', if you go to far, you'll wreck the model.


After distressing the hull, I used greenstuff to sculpt in some details. I created some pustules on the sides of the hull and the roof, as well as the 3-circle symbol Nurgle on the Rhino door, made of skulls and looking like they're growing out of the metal.

I also created a demonic crew for this thing, using greenstuff tentacles poking through the vision slits and the top hatches. In the image above, you can see where I made a single eye poking through a hole in the hull.


Before Painting, I decided the model needed to look a little more 'crusty', so I glued sand in various locations to add to the corroded look.

I think it came out rather well.

Here's a shot from the left front, showing off the demonic crew and the distressed hull.

A shot from the right front.

Here you cen get a good look at the tentacles poking through to top hatch and firing the Storm Bolter.

The Havoc Launcher on the right side of the roof is also magnetized, so I can leave it off if I'm running short on points.

A shot from the right side rear, showing more corrosion and general 'yuckiness'

I used the stock Nurgle symbol from the Chaos Vehicle Accesory Sprue on the rear door, and added some sand and rust streaks.

One final shot from the left rear of the Rhino.

I think it's time to paint up some guys to ride in this thing...

Here is the first of the Plague Marine squads for the army. These models are all old school metal. There are a few plastic backpacks in here, but most of them are resin castings of the old design.

The squad numbers seven models. Why seven?

Partly because seven is the number of Nurgle and I want the army to be themed...

... and also 'cuz they're so damned expensive in terms of points that seven is all I can really justify in one squad :)

Here's a shot of the squad posing next to their Rhino.

The squad is armed with 2 Meltaguns, and a Power Weapon for the Champion. They're a tough unit from a rules perspective and I really love the way they look.

The more I stare at the demonic eye peering out from that hole in the Rhino, the more I feel it needs a name.

I think I'll call him...

'Blinky' :)

Update 2/25/15

Up next for this army is a Nurgle Chaos Lord with a big ol' axe!

I used the plastic Champion of Nurgle from Warhammer Fantasy as a base model to work from. I replaced the head with one from the Chaos Warrior boxed set, and the axe head is from one of the Chosen in the Dark Vengeance boxed set.

I also used an old school chaos backpack on this guy, as well as some guitar string cables and added a shoulder pad to make him look more 40k than fantasy.

I love how big and gross this guy looks. Perfect for leading a Death Guard army.

I've also converted and painted a Maulerfiend this month.

As cool as the rules are for this thing, I'm not a huge fan of the stock model the way it's built by GW. It's fine for an Iron Warriors chaos army, but it just doesn't say "Nurgle" to me...

... until I left the head and neck off the model and built a nasty, fanged maw in the empty hole.

Now it looks suitable gross and crusty!

I also shaved off the 8-point choas star on the upper hull and green-stuffed in a Nurgle symbol.

I gave the hull of this thing the same treatment as the Rhino above... dents, pits, and scratches with a pin vise and hobby knife, as well as gravel glued in place for bits of corrosion.

I also gave the model all 6 limbs that are provided in the kit. The arms are magnetized just in case I want to build up a couple of gun arms to field this as a Forgefiend.

One more shot from the opposite side rear...

And an army shot showing the progress so far.

I always amazed at the small size Death Guard armies. I've only got 10 models fully painted, and I'm already up to around 500 points.

I'll be bulking these guys up with some cultists soon. Gotta get some cheap boots on the ground :)

Update 3/10/15

I'm not wild about the GW Obliterator models, so I decided to convert 3 of my own using the Chaos Terminator kit as a basis to work from.

The weapons are from various sources, both Chaos and Imperial, all greenstuffed on to make them look like creepy demonic mutations. The lascannons on all of their right arms are from the Space Marine Centurions.

Here they are from the back showing some of the green stuff work. I went for the yucky "hive" look on the backs of a couple of these guys, very similar to the back of Typhus' armor.

I've also used a fair bit of guitar string as cables, as well as a small missile launcher bit from a Battletech model. Obliterators can't take missile launchers under their current rules, but I think it looks cool.

Here's another shot of these guys showing more of the 'gooey' greenstuff work.

I've also added some 'sand corrosion', just like the Maulerfiend and Rhino above.

Time for primer and paint.

To Be Continued...