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The Battle at the Farm - project started on 9/1/11

This is the first of what I'm going to refer to as "40k Re-Enactment Projects". I'm hoping to make this a semi-regular feature here, but first things first, let's get this one done.

What do I mean by "re-enactment project?"

Well, just like the Reenactors who re-create famous battles from throughout history, I intend to recreate some of my favorite battles from the 40k background. Much of the 40k lore will make for some pretty cool looking battles.

For each "Re-enactment Project" I will choose a battle, story, or event from 40k lore and do my best to re-create it as a 40k Battle Report using the current rules. I will build and paint a force for each side in the conflict, build all the terrain neccessary for the battlefield, and create a mission for the game or modify an existing mission to match the current ruleset.

I figured the first of these projects should be re-creating the very first game of 40k I ever played, The Battle at the Farm in the back of the old Rogue Trader rulebook.

The Battle at the Farm was a small skirmish during the infamous Rynn's World incident where an Ork Waaagh! invaded the home world of the Crimson Fists. Due to a freak mishap regarding a surface-to-orbit defense missile, the Crimson Fists' fortress monastery was annihilated, along with most of the Chapter.

In the aftermath, Chapter Master Pedro Cantor and a small force of Marines had to make their way to the planetary capital of New Rynn City, the only settlement remaining in human hands. Travelling by night to avoid Ork patrols, the Marines come across a burned-out farmstead at dawn one morning. Cantor decides to call a halt, posting sentries and allowing the other Marines to rest.

When an Ork patrol roams into the area, The Battle at the Farm ensues...

Project Overview

For this project, I'll need the following:
•     The Space Marines of the Crimson Fists
•     The Ork Patrol
•     Terrain for the Battefield
          - Farmstead
          - Woods/Jungle
          - Hill
          - Generator
•     Mission Rules - I'll be modifying the original mission from the Rogue Trader Rulebook as
                               well as using elements from the newer version of the battle that was
                               redone for the Rynn's World Campaign back in White Dwarf 338.

The Armies

I've already got most of the needed miniatures for The Battle at the Farm.

In the original mission, The Crimson Fists were a small band of 15 Marines led by Pedron Cantor. It hasn't changed much since then. The Crimson Fists force consist of:

• Pedro Cantor
     Chapter Master
• 10 Tactical Marines
     armed with Bolters,
     Flamer, and Missile
     Launcher (split into two
     combat squads)
• 5 Sternguard Veterans


In the original mission, the Ork Patrol consisted of Warboss Thrugg Bullneck, Hruk da Nob (Thrugg's second in command), and roughly 20 Orks on foot.

For the revamped mission in White Dwarf, they bulked up the Ork force a bit to:

• Warboss Thrugg Bullneck
• 12 Slugga Boyz
      led by Hruk da Nob
• 12 Shoota Boyz
• 5 Burna Boyz
      led by a Mekboy
• Deff Dread

I'll be painting up new Deff Dread specifically for this mission. Since I'm going for nostalgia here, I'll be using an old metal dreadnought

Update 9/9/11:

Here's the Deff Dread all painted up and ready to go.

I just love this model, as cool as the new plastic Deff Dreads are, there's something endearing about a big ol' walking trash can :)

I've armed this guy with a big shoota and a skorcha, the two weapons available to a Deff Dread that help to mitigate the lousy ballistic skill.

I've also attached a grot rigger to the base, just to keep this guy moving.


Here's a shot from the back.

You may notice the Crimson Fists helmet laying in the dust behind the Dread. I don't want to jinx the final game or anything, but just have a look at the picture at the top of this page...

... the Crimson Fists are getting their asses handed to them. :)


Well, that pretty much takes care of the armies for this project. Next up...




Update 2/10/12

The Battle at the Farm mission in the original rulebook had a several page layout complete with pictures and map of the battlefield.

The quality of GW books back in the day was a little rough compared to today. The bindings used to fall apart pretty easily and most of the images were black and white, and a bit 'grainy'.

Still, I've got a soft spot in my heart for that book :)

Here's a close up of the map.

Here you can see I've started the basic layout of the battlefield.

I'm doing a mockup of the farmhouse, cattel pens, and ruined outbuildings using cardboard and masking tape.

I also need to build the hill out of styrofoam to go in the northeast corner of the table.

I like to build stuff from cardboard first. That way I can get idea for the size, and make any adjustments, before I start in with the power tools and more expensive materials.

For instance, in this case, I will be shorteing the height of the walls a bit.

I also haven't decided on the basing theme for the terrain yet. I think I may go for a 'grassy field' table, as opposed to the drier desert theme you see here.

To be Continued...