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Assault on Black Reach - project finished on 1/13/10

Well Folks, the Assault on Black Reach boxed set has been released for 40k. The armies that come in this starter version of the game are Orks and Space Marines. Any Ork player worth his choppa will be grabbing one of these sets if he hasn't already as it's the only way to get the new Deff Kopta models. As for myself...

Well, I bought two and split a third with a buddy who plays Space Marines. He gets the 'beakies' and the books, I get Da Boyz. Works for me.

This log is more of a spawning point for a few other projects rather than a log of it's own. There will be some updates in here of stock models from the set that get painted, but any models getting major conversion work will get their own logs.



Here are the three boxes, all set for lootin'.

I'm not the only one excited about this. Tork is nearly soiling himself in anticipation.

First up for his photo shoot is the new Warboss model. This thing is SWEET!

I've assembled all the models in the set to have a look at them as stock models. They are all snap-fit style figures so I can take them apart easily if I decide to convert them before painting.

Da Boss will most definitely have some conversion work. I've got three currently, so I may build one as a stock model. We'll see...


Ah, the Deff Koptas...

The REAL reason I went hog wild buying the starter sets. I'm lovin' these things. So much in fact, that I'll probably end up trying to lay my hands on some more.

I'll assemble a few as stock models, get 'em painted, and on the table because I'm excited to start gaming with them.

After the first batch, I'll probably convert a bunch. The converted skwadron will likely get it's own project log in the Mek Shop.

The Nobs.

I actually prefer the metal Nobs to lead my boyz mobs. There's something reasuring about the leader of your mobs being a nice heavy model. Equally able to kill model and player alike, models with a powerklaw, players if you throw the Nob at them :)

Now, having said all that, these beasties will be ideal for making a Nobz Mob. The idea of converting a mob of 10 metal Nobs into Cyborks is daunting at best.

These boyz will be getting their own project log soon, Dokta Chop and his Cyborks will live again.


Da Boyz.

The Assault on Black Reach set is great for bulking up an ork army. Included in each box are 20 slugga boyz, two of which are armed with Big Shootaz.

The models are three-piece, snap-fit models, so the stances are all a bit static when compared to normal boyz. However, they're hardly noticable when mixed in with normal boyz.

I've been looking for a cheap way to get a ton of boyz together so I can field The Green Tide in an Apocalypse game. I think I've found it.

I'll have to come up with a faster way to paint Ork skin for this, I'll post a 'How To' in the Tutorials section once I sort it out.

Update 7/21/09:

Well, I've got the painting down for 'Da Black Reach Boyz' as I'm calling the mob.

It's not as detailed as my normal method for painting orks... but it's 5 times faster. Perfect for when you need a TON 'o boyz and aren't too concerned with how they look up close.

You can check out my full "Speed Painting technique" in the Tutorials section.

Once I get some more done, I'll probably do the Warboss using the same technique.

Update 1/13/10:

After painting up some Deff Koptas a while back for a commission gig, I've pretty much done what I set out to do with the AoBR set.

I'll get to the Warboss and the Nobz at some point (hopefully soon), but they'll get their own project logs when the time comes.