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Wartrakk Conversion - finished on 9/22/11

Customer: Bill Buchalter

Project Outline: The current Watrakk model by GW is a bit 'dated' to say the least. I'll be upgrading this thing with some new crew and other gubbins.


Assembly / Conversion

Since the stock crew models for this vehicle are the old Gorkamorka/2nd edition size Orks, I needed to bring them in line with the current range.



I used the skull front from one of the new warbikes to give this thing a more menacing look. The rider is also composed mostly of 'biker bits', although the arms of the new bikers don't fit on this old model. I had to do a bit of chopping to get some arms that would work.



For the gunner, the torso, head, and legs are from the Standard Boyz sprue, the Rokkit Launcha is from the plastic Killa Kan set, and the arms are from a battlewagon gunner.

The grot rigger is from the Warbike kit


There were a few modifications to the chassis that had to be made to get the new crew to fit. I built a new set of controls for the rider so his feet could reach the pedals :)

I also added a small spacer to the underside of the rokkit launcha. The detail on the white bits is a bit washed out in the picture.


I also added a resin ammo box and an armor plate to add a bit more detail. I'm still messing with the lighting on my new camera setup, so the white bits are a bit washed out here too.


I left the components as seperate pieces, to be glued together by the customer after painting. It can be a bit of a pain to get a brush into all the nooks and crannies if it's all glued together.

Since the customer wants to paint the model himself, this thing is pretty much done.