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Vulkan He'stan - project finished on 4/09/10

Customer: Tom Pearson

Project Outline: I'm painting up the official model of the Chapter Master of the Salamanders Space Marines.


Initial Shots

He he is from the front.

I went for a treated leather look on the inside of the cloak, but I liked the 'lava effect' along the bottom edge on the official model so I just had to do my own version of it.

Word to the wise: Be VERY careful when handling this model. The "flaming back banner" is connected to the backpack by two very thin pieces of metal. If one is careless when handling it, they could bend or even break!

I'll be damn near wrapping this thing in a diaper when I mail it to the customer.



Here he is from another angle, showing the small buckler shield on the back of his flamer gauntleted hand, as well as the 'business end' of the nasty spear he's about to toss at somebody.



Here's a shot of the cloak. I didn't care much for the purple scale color on the official paintjob, so I went for more of a muted green. Reminds of a lizard more than... purple!



Completed Model

Here's Vulkan all ready to go, with clearcoat and static grass applied.



... and from the back.