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Tyranid Goodies - started on 3/17/12

Customer: Jake Brick

Project Outline: I'll be building and converting a couple of Tyranid Primes, using Tyranid Warriors as a base. I'll also be building a couple of Hive Guard.

Assembly / Conversion

Here are the Tyranid Primes, all put together and ready for primer.

I used the Tyranid Warriors as base models and added some resin boneswords from Chapterhouse Studios.



I also added some extra armor bits from other Tyranid kits as well as some adrenal glands.

Up next are the Hive Guard.



Ok, time for a bit of a rant...

GW has started replacing their line of metal models with resin ones, called 'Finecast'. If you buy into the GW hype, 'Finecast' is the best thing to hit the miniature scene in years.

Superior Quality. Easy to work with. Blah blah blah.

Yeah, right.

I have nothing against resin models. I own plenty of Forgeworld stuff and it's awesome. 'Failcast' on the other hand leaves a lot to be desired.

I won't go into the bubble issues that other folks on the internet have discussed, but suffice to say, it's there. The big problem is their shoddy quality control. The resin formula does capture a lot of detail, but the stuff is brittle, leading to all kinds of breakage issues.

When these guys are boxing up the resin sprues, they are not checking to make sure that the sprues are intact. As you can see in the pictures, one of the Hive Guard models was missing the spiky end bit from his weapon.

I had to replace the spikes with bits from a Chaos sprue, and then sculpt the barrels using greenstuff. Not a terribly complicated process, but still more than one should be required to do on a stock model.

Ok, end rant.

I prefer metal models and will often try to find them on eBay rather than buy 'Failcast'. The only reason I chose these models is that the metal ones are too front heavy and fall over all the time.


Here are the Hive Guard, all ready for primer and painting.




Here is the initial color test on one of the Hive Guard. Once the customer approves the color scheme, I'll get cranking on the rest of the bugs.


Here he is from the side.


Completed Models

Update 4/20/12

Here are the shots of the completed and based models.

The Hive Guard...


... the Tyranid Primes from the front...


... from the back...


... and all the models together in a group shot.

At this point these guys are ready to ship.