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Commander O'Shovah - project finished on 10/21/10

Customer: Calvin Tan

Project Outline: Also known as Commander Farsight, I'll be painting up this famed Tau commander, as well as converting the model to have a more dynamic stance.


Assembly / Conversion

I've always despised the way Games Workshop poses the Tau Battlesuits in their stock photos. They are very dynamic on the tabletop and in the stories.

Anyway, enough ranting. I wanted the model to have a dynamic stance and really look like he's ready to lay down some pain.


I cut the right leg of the model just below the knee joint and repositioned the shin and foot to give the model a 'raised knee' leaping stance.



I built a custome base from gravel, plasticard and tubing to match the 'urban basing' theme I started on the customer's Fire Warrior model.


Here's a shot from the other side.



Here's the model all painted up and ready to go, the base is an 'urban ruin' theme showing a busted up section of pavement.

Dullcoat has been applied and this guy is ready to to be shipped.


Here's a shot from the front left...


... from the rear left, showing the sept symbol on his back plate, and the rusty pipes on the base...


... and from the right rear, with a good view of the shield generator and the 'Dawn Blade'.



The customer wanted to change the eye lenses to grey as opposed to the 'official' red color that is one the stock GW model.

Can't say I blame him. I did the same thing for my Red Tau Army :)