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'Sons of Odin' Banners - project finished 10/31/08

Customer: John Kleber

Project Outline: Heraldry and Banners for custom Space Marine Chapter, the Sons of Odin


Initial Design Concept

Here's an inital mockup shot of the Chapter Standard, incorporating gray and blue colors to hopefully match the miniatures.

Once we get the Chapter Standard design set, I will begin work on the rest of the banners.

Banner Designs - Full Set

Now that the design is finalized, here are some shots of the other banners in the set.

To the left here are the Chapter Standard and the Dreadnought Banner. The text area on the Dreadnought Banner can be changed from "No Pity, No Remorse, No Fear" to whatever slogan or text is desired.

Here are the designs for the marines.

The top row, from left to right are: Captain, Chapter Master, Librarian, and Chaplain

The text area where it says "Sons of Odin" can be changed to incorporate the names of the characters if so desired.

The bottom row of banners are for the Squad Leaders, numbered 1 through 6.