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Salamanders Tactical Squad - project finished on 3/28/11

Customer: Tom Pearson

Project Outline: A Space Marine Tactical Squad, armed with melta weapons, painted in the colors of the Salamanders Chapter.


Assembly / Conversion

I built these guys pretty much stock from the box. I did add a powerfist to the Sarge that was originally from the Space Wolves sprue, but has had the iconography shaved off since this picture was taken.

I also scored a Multi-melta from a guy at my local store.

Next up, primer and paint.




Here they are all painted up and ready for some dullcoat laquer and static grass.

The shinyness on the shoulder pads is from sealing the waterslide transfers with 'Ard Coat. It'll go away once the dullcoat is applied.



Completed Models

All good to go.