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Salamanders Drop Pod - finished on 2/11/11

Customer: Tom Pearson

Project Outline: A Space Marine Drop Pod, painted in the colors of the Salamanders Chapter.



Here's the Pod with the basic assembly done.


The center passenger compartment has been assembled without the restraining harnesses. The Pod is going to be used primarily for dropping Dreadnoughts into battle, so it didn't make sense to have the harness assembly.

The Pod is armed with the standard storm bolter. Time to slap some primer on this thing.



Here's the pod all painted up with the doors in the closed position.

The chapter icons are on the top of each of the doors. The 4th company insignia are on each of the fins in such a position that it will be over the right shoulder of any Marine exiting the pod.


Here's the pod with the doors in the open position.

I made the hull of the pod very beat up and scorched. Re-entry isn't exactly easy on the paint job :)

At this point the pod is pretty much good to go.