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Salamanders Landspeeders - finished on 12/16/10

Customer: Tom Pearson

Project Outline: A pair of Space Marine Landspeeders, armed with multi-meltas and heavy flamers, painted in the colors of the Salamanders Chapter.



Here are the two Landspeeders all assembled and ready for primer. I haven't glued the pilots or the gunners into the cockpits yet, that way it will be easier to paint the details.

I've also magnetized the flying bases onto the bottoms of the vehicles. The stock GW flying stnad is a pretty flimsy design. By using magnets and making them removable, it solves a lot of breakage problems.



Here is one of the Landspeeders from the right side. The weathering is not as pronounced on these vehicles when compared to the Dreadnought because flying vehicles tend to take less abuse.

Ground vehciles tend to get banged around a bit, so they can be all beat up and it shows how tough the vehicles is, giving them a bit of character.

When a flying vehicle gets hit, they're usually history.


Here is the same speeder from th other side. Showing a bit more of the weathering. I did the weathering in a 'directional' way, from front to back, to simulate the effect of minor debris scraping the paint from the vehicle as it flies.

If you've ever seen paint wear on a plane, it looks very similar, usually concentrated on the leading edge of the wings and fuselage


Here are both speeders, all squadroned up and ready for clearcoat.


Here's a shot of how I magnetized the flying base. I glued a rare earth magnet to the tip of the flying stand and to the underside of the speeder.

The stand nicely and pack away easily for storage and transport. This should minimize the breakage issues that are common with the stock flying stand.