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Salamanders Dreadnought - finished on 10/14/10

Customer: Tom Pearson

Project Outline: A Dreadnought, armed with multi-melta and heavy flamer,painted in the colors of the Salamanders Chapter.


Assembly / Conversion

Here's the Dread, all built and primed.

I used the multi-melta arm from an Assault on Black Reach Dread. The AoBR Dread arms do not fit on the regular plastic Dreadnought kit, nor do the regular amrs fit on the AoBR Dread.

Guess GW thought compatability between the kits was too much trouble... what a bunch of morons!

So, this arm took a bit of 'tinkering' to get it to fit and still be removable for gaming purposes.

Next up... paint!

Completed Model

Here's the dread all painted up and good to go. Dullcoat and static grass have been applied, this guy is ready to ship.


Here's he is from another angle....

...from the right side rear...


... and the left side rear