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Salamanders Tactical Squad - project finished on 9/15/10

Customer: Tom Pearson

Project Outline: A Space Marine Tactical Squad, armed with melta weapons, painted in the colors of the Salamanders Chapter.


Assembly / Conversion

I built these guys stock from the box for the most part. The only 'conversions' are a couple of weapon swaps.

The standard tactical squad box only comes with a missile launcher as a heavy weapon choice, so I scrounged a multi-melta from a guy at my local store.

The sarge also doesn't come with the options for a powerfist or a combi-melta in the box either, so those I scrounged from a couple of different sources.




Here they are, all painted up and ready for dullcoat and static grass. The Salamanders insignia on the shoulder pads are a bit shiny, but that will go away when the dullcoat goes on.

I'll probably add some markings for the 4th Company in a few spots once the design is approved.



Completed Models

Here's the squad all ready to ship. 4th Company markings, dullcoat, and static grass have been applied.

Bag 'em and tag 'em!