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Salamanders Terminators - project finished on 5/4/10

Customer: Tom Pearson

Project Outline: A squad of Space Marine Terminators, painted in the colors of the Salamanders chapter.


Assembly Complete

Here is the squad, complete with resin bases (available in the Custom Bases section of the Store).

They're also sporting Forge World shoulder pads with Salamanders iconography.

The customer isn't sure whether he wants the sergeant to have a helmet or not, so I'm painting up both heads and we'll see which one looks best.

Next up, primer and then some paint.


Initial Color Shots

Here is the squad with the painting largely complete. I'm just waiting to see if the customer wants something written on the banners across the sergeant's chest and right knee.


A close up of a couple of termies.


Another close up.


And the sarge.


Completed Models

I added a few details to the terminators before clearcost and static grass.

I was able to get 'Salamanders' across the banner on the sergeant's chest plate, and I added the roman numeral 'IV' to various parts of the squad as the customer wants these guys to be part of his 4th company.

At this point, these bad boys are good to go.