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Ork Goodies II - project finished on 5/27/10

Customer: Eric Hubbard

Project Outline: A custom Painboy, a couple of boyz with Tankhammers, a custom blast shield for a rokkit launcha, and some warbuggies from Robogear model kits.


Concept, Construction and Conversion

Here's the first buggy. I switched the driver to the opposite side and removed the hood. I added the fuel tanks up front and ran hoses back to the engine.

I know it's borderline crazy to run a combat vehicle with virtually no armor and the fuel tanks right up front, but hey... Orks don't have much regard for 'operator safety'.

Here's buggy no. 1 from the back.

For buggy no. 2, I moved the engine up front for that 'muscle car' look and put a huge gas tank right behind the driver.

Here's buggy no. 2 from the back.

Buggy no. 3 has an extra searchlight on the rollbar and some extended fenders on the front.

In the back, buggy no. 3 has several fuel cans feeding gas staright into the intake on the top of the engine.

This beast can really move.

Here are all the buggys in a skwadron.

Notice something different?

That's right, they're sporting twin-linked Big Shootas now instead of Rokkit Launchaz. As per the customer's request, I magnetized all the weapons.

Here's the whole mess ready for primer. I kept the buggies, drivers, weapons and tires seperate for painting purposes.

Here are the Tankhammer Boyz. I used the banner pole arms from the fantasy Orc range and added the front of Imperial Guard Hunter-Killer Missiles for the hammer heads.

I also made some custom armor plating on the leg of each boy as well as on the shoulder of the 'horned helmet' boy.

Here are the Tankhammer Boyz from the back. I added some heavy back armor in the form of tank treads.

Here's the Painboy, converted from an AoBR Nob. He's got a resin head with a definite "witch doctor" feel to it with the bone through the nose.

I converted some weapons for him to fit in with his role as a 'medic. A 'Urty Syringe and a meat cleaver.

The syringe has a "dual-feed goo injection system", the main line runs to a tank on the Painboy's back, but there's also an underslung canister of 'speshul goo' on the syringe itself... for when he needs that extra bit of 'urtyness.

Here's a shot of the upside down gas tank on his back with a supply line running to the 'Urty Syringe. God only knows what kind of nasty concoction the Painboy fills it with :)

And last but not least is the custom blast shiled for the rokkit launcha. I carved it in the shape of the 'dakka' glyph, adding an extra plate and some rivets to it.