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Ork Killa Kanz and Deff Dread - project finished on 12/30/08

Customer: Tom Pearson

Project Outline: A total of 6 Killa Kanz (3 new-in-box, 3 already assembled and painted) and a Deff Dread to be painted in a Goff Clan color scheme.


The Goodies Arrive...

All the minis are all present and accounted for after being shipped to me. The Deff Dread and 3 of the Kanz are NIB (new-in-box). I'll probably start work on those first.

Once the assembly is finished on the new models, I'll get them painted up.

Once the painted job is approved, I'll paint the other Killa Kanz to match.

The Lootaz pictured here will be in another project log.

Here's a closer shot of the 3 Kanz. These guys will be getting a fair bit of work done to them.

The mob will be converted to an anti-armor role, meaning 2 of them will be getting their weapons changed to Rokkit Launchaz. There was also some minor damage that occured during shipping that will be repaired as well.

Once the weapon swaps are completed, I'll be altering the existing paintjobs to match the new models.


I've got the Killa Kanz pretty much all built at this point, with the exception of their ranged weapons.

One of the most powerful weapon options for Killa Kanz in the new codex is the Grotzooka. Since GW doesn't make a bit for it yet, I'll be constructing my own.

I'll be building a prototype and then casting copies of it in resin. There's a seperate project log for this in the Mek Shop. I'm calling it the Scrap Gun to save myself any legal hassles with the guys at GW.

Killa Kanz, like most multi-part metal models can be tricky to put together. I've pinned all the hip joints on these models so they will hold up during gameplay.

Each Killa Kan has a brass rod 'axle' running from one leg to the other through the center of the body. I even went so far as to convert the one in the center to have one foot in the air in true 'stompy' fashion.

Here's a shot of the Deff Dread, all assembled and ready to go.

I made a hip axle axle for this guy too. I love the look of the GW ork Kanz and Dreads, but the attachment points for the legs leave a lot to be desired.


Here's the prototype of the Scrap Gun for the Killa Kanz.

The full project log is in the Mek Shop.


Here's the Deff Dread, all based and ready for primer.

And the Killa Kanz, all based and good to go as well. It's a bit tough to see in this shot, but I modeled a crater on the base of the Kan in the center. It will really pop once it's painted.

The "Scrap Gunz" are also in place on the Kanz. These are resin castings of the original prototype.


Casting in resin does have it's limitations. Air bubbles can cause small gaps in the final product. Unfortunatley, there's really no way to completely eliminate them.

Instead of delaying this project by fooling around in vain trying to "de-bubble" the resin castings, I've patched the small gaps with green stuff and replaced some of the rivets as well.

For more details on how the casting process is going, check out the full project log is in the Mek Shop.



Here are the Killa Kanz and Deff Dread after being primed and given a drybrush of Boltgun Metal.

The Killa Kanz with the base colors all blocked in. At this point the scheme is largely complete.

The armor panels are in their respective colors, and any decorative painting is in place.

The models still need a fair bit of highlighting and a then comes the battle damage, scuffs, scrapes, mud, and grime.

The paintjobs aren't complete, but this gives you an idea of what they'd look like 'factory fresh'.

Here's the lead Killa Kan.

The picture on pg. 92 of the new Codex: Orks is one of my favorite pictures of Killa Kanz.

On this model, I tried to mimic the dual headlight design of the Kan in the rear left of the picture.

I'm also happy with the way the crater on the base is coming along. It definitely looks better when painted and highlighted.

On this Kan I painted the symbol for "Dakka" on the side of the Grotzooka, along with a little slogan that represents typical 'orky' respect for one's opponent :-)

The marine backpack on the base will be painted and highlighted in Ultramarines colors, and then suitably scuffed and scratched.

I copied the checkered design onto the rim of the ammo-hopper for this Kan.

Behind the Kan in the dirt (not visible in this shot) is a Marine bolter. It will be painted up in Ultramarine colors as well.

Here's the Deff Dread, also in need of some highlighting especially on some of the metal areas to make them 'pop'.

An Ultramarine helmet is in the foreground on the base

Here's a close up of the 'Goff' skull I painted on the front armor plate.

Here are the Kanz after battle damage, grease, and grime have been added.

Now they're starting to look like Ork vehicles.

Here's a close-up of the lead Kan. You can really get a sense of the chipped paint, dirt, and grime in this shot.

All the Kanz and the Dread have had a similar treatment.

Here's the Deff Dread after his 'grunge bath'.

A coat of matte varnish and some static grass, and these guys are ready for the tabletop.

Completed Models

And here we are...

The Kanz with the Grotzookaz all good to go. They've been coated with matte varnish and static grass has been applied to their bases.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Here is the second mob of Kanz, all re-armed with Rokkit Launchaz and painted to match the first mob.

Just like the first mob, click on the image to get a closer look.

Here's a super close up of the Rokkits.

Nothing like a little graffiti on the weapons to say hello to your opponent in that 'special' way :-)

As much as I like the 'shark' and 'big wun' rokkits, I think the 'have a nice day' rokkit is my favorite.

Last, but certainly not least, is the deff Dread.

Once again, click on the image for a close-up.