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Ork Infantry X - project completed on 3/13/10

Customer: Tom Pearson

Project Outline: 5 Slugga Boyz and a Wartrukk, painted in Goff clan colors.


Initial Shots

Here are the Boyz, all painted up and ready for clearcoat and static grass.



Here's the Trukk, all assembled and ready for primer.

We're going cheap on the Trukk. Wartrukks are so flimsy on the tabletop that 'no frills' is the way to go for the most part.

All we're going for with this baby is the Reinforced Ram, which is standard equipment in my opinion. The ability to re-roll those failed dangerous terrain checks is vital.


Here's the Trukk from the opposite angle.



There are a couple of additional armor plates that can be attached to the passenger compartment, as seen here on the official GW model.

I've always thought of them as an indication of extra armor, but some folks like them for aesthetic reasons.

I'll put them on if the customer wants, but for now I'm leaving them off.


The Wartrukk is a real bitch to paint if you assemble it all in one shot.

It's best to build it as several different subassemblies, prime and paint them, and then assemble them afterwards.

That way you can get to all the little nooks and crannies.


Here is the Trukk, all painted up and 'factory fresh'

I still need to do some weathering and dirt/grime to make it look truly 'Orky'.



A shot of the Trukk from the other side, showing the gunner.

The customer decided to go with the armored sides on the rear of the Trukk.



Here's a rear shot of the Trukk, all ready for some boyz to climb in and go for a ride.



Completed Models

The Boyz are all finished up.

Finished shots of the Trukk will be coming soon.



Here's the Wartrukk, all rusty and grungy.



From another angle.



And the passenger compartment.

These models are all good to go.