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Ork Infantry IX - project finished on 2/27/10

Customer: Tom Pearson

Project Outline: 3 MegaNobs - all in Goff clan colors, with a bit of a twist. 2 have grey armor similar to WWII German tanks, and 1 has armor in an Imperial Guard camo scheme. Guess they looted some tanks to get that heavy armor.


Initial Color Scheme Shots

Here are the Boyz, 2 Slugga Boyz and 2 Shoota Boyz.

Pretty straightforward ffrom an assembly point of view, so it's straight to the color scheme.



Here's the first Meganob, all decked out in IG camo and toting a shoota/rokkit combi-weapon. There's also a battered Ultramarine helmet on his base.


Here's the second Nob, with his grey armor...


... and the third Nob, also in grey armor. The lettering on the side of his combi-skorcha says "Burny Deff".


Completed Models

Here they are, complete with static grass and ready to stomp some fools.